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Finally, An HRC Campaign I Support

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Editors' note: Michael Petrelis is a long-time gay rights and AIDS advocate who works in San Francisco. He blogs at The Petrelis Files.

hrc ad.JPGAs a longtime critic of the Human Rights Campaign and its very silly ways, with so little hard accomplishments to show for the almost-$40 million they sucker out of gay donors annually, I shocked to say that on this Independence Day, there is something positive I have to say about HRC.

I really like their new ad campaign for a new line of clothing on a bus shelter at 18th and Castro Streets, the cross-roads of gay America.

Just take a good look at the young, well-built hunks, especially the one showing a large cock-bulge, and tell me the near-porno aspects of the models don't get your sex juices flowing. Can any red-blooded, true-blue gay American male not find such eye-candy objectionable? Of course not, since HRC knows what's best for us politically and this marketing campaign will go far in advancing equal rights and fair laws for LGBT people where HRC carries out the meat of its agenda -- Capitol Hill.

Oh, sure, a few cranky political activists will say the new HRC campaign does nothing to help defeat ballot measure 8, the November initiative to turn back the gay marriage equality in California. The activists will certainly complain that HRC could be spending its/our gay ad dollars in San Francisco promoting voter registration ads or ads that recruit volunteers and solicit money for the state groups fighting the initiative.

Such activists who want the Democratic Party's gay division to focus more energy and community finances on crucial electoral and political battles, over pouring money into ads that resemble Colt or Falcon porno DVDs, are just being politically correct prudes who simply don't understand the genius strategy HRC leaders have devised for political victory this November and beyond.

The gay community's political dollars are wisely spent giving Castro gay men something they sorely lack -- young male eye-candy on the street. Thanks, Joe Solmonese, for filling the gaping hole in gay male political advocacy and stuffing that hole with imagery advancing equality and fairness.

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Genious! I love a heavy dose of sarcasm in the morning.

How did "cock-bulge" make it before the jump?

Hey Nick - no foul language in the headlines... That's our only requirement. :)

Haha, Nick. It's a perfectly socio-political discussion of the cock-bulge...

And, yeah, it's kinda hard not to see a greedy corporation making that ad.

Why is HRC using our donation money to compete against Sean John? ... Perhaps they will be cloning the Dolce & Gabbana gang rape ads next? ... I can just hear HRC Joe making the usual non sequitur but politically correct disclaimer: "The cock-bulge is irrelevant --- we are selling the T-shirts, not the blue jeans."

You know though, I have to throw in that HRC still needs to raise money. With the protests at the SF dinner, they're going to need to sell some t-shirts. Just sayin'.

This is clever...made my morning =)

True, Bil, many GLBT groups sell T-shirts ... but it takes HRC to push them using made-in-heaven models, Madison Avenue photo shoots, and perfectly Photo-Shop'd, glossy life-size street posters.

Like others, I have mixed feelings about HRC. What is striking about the controversy that HRC kicks up is that white plus black does not equal gray --- because the white is whiter than white and the black is blacker than black ...

... they are kind of like Wal-Mart: you hate them but, out of sheer habit, laziness, or not knowing what else to do, you shop there anyway.

Oh, f**k it ... speaking of T-shirts, I have laundry to do!