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Florida Amendment Backers Put Out Commercial- UGH

Filed By Waymon Hudson | July 26, 2008 7:00 AM | comments

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Florida4Marriage, the backers of the so-called "Marriage Protection Amendment" in Florida, have put out their first commercial. It's just as bad and insulting as you would imagine. To help defeat the Florida's Amendment 2, visit www.SayNo2.com.

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Amendment opposition should make a commercial of their own using the same motif.

Do the eating shrimp one. Show hands starting to peel shrimp and then putting it down.

Show hands starting to shave a face and then stopping.

Or holding a tampon and then moving to the edge of town.

"GOD said we should stone adulterers and thieves" and then show hands holding rocks.

Oooo! I like it! I'll have to fire up my youtube account and start editing...

Okay, here's some fodder for YouTube responses:

Where are the rings!? For GOD's SAKE how did they overlook showing they should be married before the kid comes along??!! Is this promoting ilegitimacy?

Is that how a baby is made? It's all in the THUMBS? Watch out for that next handshake! Wear gloves for GOD's SAKE!

How does an elderly couple, infertile couple, couple not planning to have children, couple who are not religious, couple who have children and not married feel after seeing this?

Where are the rings!? For GOD's SAKE how did they overlook showing they should be married before the kid comes along??!! Is this promoting ilegitimacy?

I didn't even notice that, Leslie!! Good catch! Those fundies seem to skimp on the details...

or reality...

or common sense...

More fodder for YouTube responses:

Where is the spot for the black couple?

The inter-racial couple?

The elderly couple? (opps, no child's hand is gonna show up in that one) If it does, the elderly couple’s hands are gonna' be puzzled.

How about the woman extending a hand with a condom?

How about the man extending a hand with a month's supply of birth control pills?

How about one hand extending money? The other a condom.

How about a glass of beer in each hand, a "clink," then "9 MONTHS LATER" then the baby joins the couples hand. Then the man's hand being forcefully pulled away leaving mom and baby abandoned?

How about the woman extending the baby's grasp in her hand toward the man's hand, then the man's finger points to the child's, then back to himself, the woman's hand "nods" yes (It's yours) then the man's hand pushes both away and withdraws?

How about the man and woman's hands trying to come together, but the baby repeatedly holds up an empty bottle, a toy, a set of braces, car keys, college application, home loan application, only to have dad's hand push the baby's needs away and finally the mom's hand slapping the baby's hand away.

How about multiple babys' hands, one at a time, until both parents hands are pulled down by the weight.

The Yes people are pushing an "ideal." The responses should show the reality of people's lives. Marriage IS lovely. Marriage IS messy, too.

How about a little reality? Two men's hands join. Two women's hands join. They too can be joined by a baby's hand.

How about two men’s' hands joining, getting real intimate with the thumbs, then being tapped by the finger of a woman, interrupting. One man's hand goes off screen with hers and returns with a baby that is joined to the two men’s' hands? Mom's hand waves goodbye. The baby's hand waves bye to mom?