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McDonald's stuff: Peter LaBarbera's not up on AFA talking points, is a pretty terrible parent

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Peter LaBarbera isn't paying attention to the AFA.

He wrote up a whole post about why he's joining the boycott of McDonald's, and he links to info found on HRC's Corporate Equality Index:


For those not playing along at home (don't blame you), let's refresh our memories as to what the AFA stressed this boycott was not about:


The boycott isn't about "how homosexual employees are treated," which, is, like, what the CEI is supposed to measure.

I guess the AFA just put that disclaimer on their site so that they don't look like the horrible people we already knew they were. But I guess their soldiers can't follow marching orders and make themselves presentable for a primetime audience.

So guess what folks! The boycott is now also because McDonald's hiring LGBT people and not spitting on them every day. Because they're the only corporation that does that.

But I also found this interesting about his McDonald's eating habits:

Pathetic as it may sound for what it reveals about my eating habits (and in my own defense I do have five kids), I've probably avoided spending easily $100-$150 since vowing not to reward the "gay"-promoting fast food chain a while back.

This is a boycott that any American, now matter how "average," can take part in and help make successful. Past AFA boycotts affected those who may have been in the market to buy a car (Ford) or visit a Florida theme park (Disneyworld), but this boycott is for anyone with enough willpower to redirect his growling stomach away from the Golden Arches as he drives down the road....

I haven't seen any data on this, but I'll bet that McDonald's execs know full well that "burger loyalty" to their chain is not near what it used to be in an age with so many fast and cheap eating options. We'll see if they continue to dig in their heels against AFA or actually get out of the Homosexuality Promotion business.

$100-$150? That's a lot of McDonald's for his kids since the AFA started it's boycott a couple weeks ago. And that's just one junk food restaurant.

Seriously, though, I thought the whole point of the nuclear family model that these folks promote at every corner was so that kids could have financial support from a working father and good food and care from a stay-at-home mom? This is their solution to pretty much everything, from obesity to poverty to homosexuality to poor performance in schools.... I'm surprised that such an upstanding heterosexual family would be eating that much junk food.

Or maybe I'm just jealous that, on our blog's birthday, we didn't make Peter LaBarbera's Hall of Shame. Congrats to those who did, Wayne Besen, Jeremy Hooper, and Pam Spaulding!


Just one more thing... I've been hearing rumors of some people starting a McDonald's buycott in response to the AFA's boycott. That makes about as much sense as starting a crack buycott because the Religious Right doesn't like drugs. Gawsh, there are already enough political reasons to avoid eating at McDonald's without even getting started on what it'll do to your health.

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Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | July 10, 2008 10:56 AM

But Alex, do haters have to follow a logical train of thought? Do they ever follow a logical train of thought?

Don Sherfick Don Sherfick | July 10, 2008 11:05 AM

Alex, you may want to doublecheesebuger, er, doublecheck your reference to "week", since although I may have missed it I only see an amount per year in the suggested message the AFA encourages folks to send MacDonalds.

Thanks Don! Caught and updated!

. . . want fries with that?

2007 Revenues: $23 Billion
2007 Profit: $2.4 Billion

"Little" Peter and AFA have a whole lot of work to do. Not that I'm any fan of MCD and their tough little patties of indeterminable origin on stale rolls but I commend them for their commitment to diversity. Their letter to Wildmon was a great single finger salute to these crackpots.

Well, last time Reichers boycotted major businesses (Ford and Disney), their business went up, not down.

LaHannaBarbera is another cartoon. Hopefully he will be Quarterpounded, since he's already pretty cheesy. Maybe someone should delete his chicken McNuggets? I don't think anything this Filet-O-Fishy will amount to much, and anyone who follows it is missing the toy from their Happy Meal.

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | July 11, 2008 6:03 AM

A small note, I should mention that the majority of profits to McDonald's Corp are overseas and untouchable by the fundies. They are really puff and no substance here.