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"My love is gonna cost you/ Ain't no way that you gon' get up in this for free"

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I have a new pop culture crush, and her name is Trina. I decided to look at her videos on YouTube tonight on a whim. I'd heard that she performed in the Sex Workers' Art Show in January and February of this year. (Which I missed because I was working, actually. At a conference, though. I suppose it would be more ironic if I'd had a photo shoot or something.)

Anyway, I'm kind of in love with this song:

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The video starts out looking like typical mainstream bullshit, but it gets really interesting really fast. Listen to the lyrics -- the chorus ("Ain't no way that you gon' get up in this for free") is hilarious and brilliant, and some of my other favorite lines include "I can't suck your dick and get my lipstick smeared!" and "Before you fuck me, you gonna treat?" And watch the whole video, especially the end, where the client's credit card is declined, Tweet pays for Trina, and Trina and Tweet leave the store together.

(... and ride off into the queer POC high-rollin' ho sunset? Well, a girl can dream, right?)

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I've loved trina ever since she started rapping with missy....