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Not a fake headline: "NY Post prints fair, respectful article about transgender community"

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Isn't it nice to be thrown for a loop every once in a while? I would ever in my life thought I could write a headline like that, but it seems to be a special day. Yesterday, the NY Post - notorious for homophobic, transphobic and generally sensational coverage of pretty much everything, ran a terrific piece as part of a "Diversity Special Section" on transgender people in the workplace.

As part of my work with the LGBT Center in NYC, I referred them to the wonderful Ray Carannante, a staffer there who is FTM and an amazing activist and spokesperson. The reporter was great to work with and when he asked for more sources, I happily gave him the likes of Melissa Sklarz, Donna Cartwright and others. It felt like a Twilight Zone moment - "Am I really talking to the NY Post?" I kept thinking. But read for yourself....

For almost four years, Melissa Sklarz couldn't find a job approaching the stature of her previous position as an executive at a city export-import firm.

She landed gigs through friends, moonlighting as a waitress or doing office work off the books. But job performance issues had nothing to do with her inability to find fulfilling work.

What stood in her way were gender issues: She'd recently undergone medical procedures transforming her from male to female, changing her body to match the sense she'd long had of her innate gender.

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I'd have thought you were having hallucinations, Cathy, if I hadn't read it for myself.

Seriously? Maybe I'll take the Post off punishment soon and start linking them again.

Wow the New York post and the hrc even said something positive about transgenders in the work place it's to bad they have such a poor record working with us.At least they didn't mention it Lol Amy