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QueerView Mirror: Project Runway Swishes back to our Screens

Filed By Serena Freewomyn | July 27, 2008 1:30 PM | comments

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Editor's Note: Queerview Mirror is a review from two of our editorial team, Serena Freewomyn and Waymon Hudson. heidi_tim.pngIf you'd like something reviewed, feel free to pass it on. If they like you, they might look at it, otherwise- suck it.

WAYMON: We're BAAAACK!! So the new season of Project Run-GAY is back on Bravo. I'd better start up my diet if I ever want to be a model on it...

SERENA: You do have a bigger rack than most of the models on the show, you sassy minx!

W: You know it! So what do you think so far? Did you know there is an undercover showmance between two of the gaybies?

S: It's always sex with you... But I need the evidence. Which two gay-boys? There are soooo many on the show.

W: The kid with the weird short shorts and the dark haired jersey guy have admitted to it on myspace and in some interview. Towleroad is covering it. They are cute...

S: Oh Snooze... those guys have no personality anyway. I thinks it's all for publicity- since neither of them have any skill or personality.

maxipad.jpgW: Snap! At least they aren't over-tanned messes like that one gay. Ugh!

S: OMG! That guy is TERRIBLE! And all that "girlicious" stuff? Puke! And what about his first week dress? He may have just as well used maxi pads to make the dress...

W: I know! It looked like a dirty, roughed up maxi pad. And I wanted to rip his over-tanned face off every time he spoke.

S: And Suede - the guy with the blue hair who talks in third person- has to go.

W: Ew! He's like Bob Dole with that third person crap: "Suede is going to rock this" "Suede is kicking ass"... We get it- your name is Suede (which is stupid in the first place...). Alhough his clothes are kind of hawt.

S: Whatever. I do love the fierce black girl! She is great. Although she needs to stop crying. I like my ladies tough.

W: No doubt. She's great, but needs to suck it up, Mary.

S: I know what she can suck up! But what about the catty judges! Loves it! When Tim told them they were all slackers!! Perfect!

W: I know! The judges are the only interesting ones. I mean, how much thought does it take to figure out a tablecloth isn't innovative. Seriously.

killer.jpgS: The scariest outfit ever on PRW? The Bates Motel guy. I mean, hello? Shower curtain with yellow gloves? It looked like something off Dexter.

W: Mmm... Dexter is cute. The PRW guy looked like a hot sweaty mess... who chops up people and puts them in the freezer.

S: I had a girlfriend like that once... But I loved how the models are the ones who get to pick the fabric in the second episode. Very cool!

W: I know. And some of the snotty designers were like "Why the hell should I listen to a model..." Because it's the challenge, jackass.

S: For sure.

W: Wow, we were a little harsh this week. It must be the pent up bitchiness from me being on vacation.

S: Nah. You're always a nasty bitch. That's why I love ya.

W: Sigh... It's good to be back.

S: For reals.

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Wow! We are sooo funny! :)

I hope this new season picks up. It's a little bland right now. The designers don't seem to be super-innovative this time around. We need some more drama.

And more of the hot muscle guy contestant with nipple rings. Yowza!!

Did you hear that Bravo is trying to sink the show before it moves to Lifetime next year?

They've done no publicity this year, didn't send out screeners, and they've made everything available online for the entire season already.

I believe that's a "FUCK YOU Lifetime."

I heard they were trying to sink it but didn't know how. I can't imagine PRW on Lifetime... I like my Bravo.