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Those "San Francisco Values"...

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"When [Republicans] sort of use their winks and nods about San Francisco values, they are talking about the fact that we respect our gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community."

- Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi on anti-gay Sam Graves and other Republicans who trash her beloved Congressional district.

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BZZZT! No, sorry Nancy, but that's the wrong answer...at least for you, anyway. When you sign off on excluding transgender people from basic federal civil rights protections, you don't then get to turn around and say you respect transgender people.

The correct answer would have been B: The Democrats HRC are currently promoting a non-inclusive ENDA because that's what easiest and most convenient for the ourselves and Big Business. Fairness only enters into it when there's no cash to be had or progressive votes to be courted.

Rebecca as a Ts identified person I'm not so sure that I take issue with them pulling the T from enda.What is the TG agenda ? is it allowing still physically male tg identified individuals to enter female spaces such as showers.Should heterosexual identified tg's be allowed to enter a womans room simply because their wearing a skirt and feel like their a woman for that moment.If there is to be a T inclusive enda I would hope it only covers those seeking medical treatment for gid and the androgenous.It's getting real old having TG's disrespect the process that Ts individuals go thru and causing confusion as to who is really ts and needs medical treatment and those who are not and are causing false impressions.I would hope the gay community can see the harm that an inclusive enda under TG terms can do to them as well as the Ts.