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In celebration of my upgrade, I present Lil Wayne's cover of Beyonce's "Upgrade U". Please excuse Lil Wayne's problematic language. But do enjoy his wicked beats and masterful freestyle ("Put A muthafucker on ice like da Maple Leafs/ Dats a hockey team and I ain't know no hockey team/But I'm a champion, where's da fucking Rocky theme?"):

On a side note, with this promotion, it could be fairly claimed that Bil is now my "blog-father." This is, of course, a dangerous position to be in. In the books, Tyrion murders his father -- Tywin Lannister -- on the toilet with a crossbow. Just sayin'.

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Shooting Bil with a crossbow? While on the toilet? If you need help planning, let me know...

Congrats again, Tyrion!

Of course, Tyrion was also "a misshapen dwarf" with a "penchant for whoring" according to Wikipedia. Anything you need to tell me, Ty? :)

Tyrion Lannister Tyrion Lannister | July 30, 2008 5:30 PM

Thanks Waymon!

My penchants are my business, Bil ;) And be careful on the commode. Just sayin'.