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When bigots shop

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Bil and I stopped by the local supermarket Friday night for a few items and wow, what a treat we had in line in front of us. White Pride RideI risked my life to snap a few photos of the scene to share.

Can you read the large print on the guy's wifebeater? (Click to embiggen)

Yup, that's right. Your eyes are working. It most definitely says "White Pride Ride". I've got a closeup and more of the story after the jump.

Take another look at that pic. Notice the two African-American women on the left. Now realize these "proud" white people actually went to the only checkout that had a white person use it before they were there. Seriously. They shifted lanes at least twice to make it happen.

It may not come as a surprise to learn this is the same supermarket mentioned in Bil's story about a police officer being shot just a few blocks from our house Thursday night. It also may not come as a surprise that it is a common occurrence to hear racial epithets or to see arguments break out between whites and blacks who are standing in line. We try to avoid this store unless we're just running out for a few things, but it seems like it gets worse every time we stop by.


Here's a closeup of the shirt. It's kind of blurry, so here's the text:

6th Annual
"White Pride Ride"
Saturday June 9, 2007
Wannamaker, IN
On This Day We Ride
To Unite So We Can Say
"It's Great To Be White"

Ahh...How I love living in Indiana...I die a little more inside each time I see things like this. What's sad is that in the era of Bush, it's become all too frequent to see this kind of bigotry proudly displayed in my part of the world.

How about you? Does it seem the hate and bigotry level has gone up in your neck of the woods? Is it related to economic decline in your area (like it seems to be here) or something else? What do you think?

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The levels have gone down, not up. This is NOTHING compared to what black people had to go through when racism was institutionalized.

With that said, this is America. When I came from Venezuela, I expected all kind of things that by now I've found out to be false. For a country priding itself in being "first world", I don't see much difference-- and sometimes I find it to be actually worse in some form of -isms, racism being one of them-- between it and third worlds in terms of social issues.

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | July 13, 2008 10:03 AM

Jeramie, I came from a town (Michigan City) and a time, (the 1960's) when Whites believed that an advantage to another race was a cost to theirs. Small town politicians love this because they can point to anyone but themselves for their problems. I have been fearful of the "Bubba Backlash" before and I hope as the election season approaches these people are too stupid to find their ways to the polls.

The truly ignorant have a gift for voting against their best interest.

As much as I don't get it, I know it happens. In central to south Alberta, there's a skinhead group that marches once or twice a year. Having moved south, I now try to keep involved with the protests (they know we'll be there -- last time, they delayed the march by four hours to try to lull everyone into leaving).

"White Pride" and "White Power" are almost trademark euphemisms to these people. They try to make it sound like they're being made minorities in their own country (you know, the one they stole from the Natives via an unacknowledged genocide and subversion) because of all the "special privileges" granted to minorities to try to ensure that they can have basically equal treatment (minus all the hate speech that goes unchallenged or the discrimination that can't be definitively proven).

Chances are, this guy is involved with Stormfront or some such affiliate.

Make you just a little sick doesn't it?

Nope, it's gone UP. I've noted that every time a Republican administration gains power in the US, the biogts (nad their like minded enablers) take it as a signal that it's okay to be prejudiced.

They are emboldened to act upon their suppressed desires when they see the 'gummint', led by GOP legislators working tirelessly to enshrine bigotry in the laws of our country, the Justice Department declines to prosecute hate crimes or workplace discrimination cases, and the GOP continues pushing for an Orwellian Federal Marriage Amendment that attempts to codify bigotry into our Constitution.

You'll note that in addition to hate crimes spiking up during Republican administrations, police brutality incidents, workplace discrimination filings also do the same. I also note that American society tends to get meaner, more bellicose, and less civil when the GOP is running thangs as well.

Wilson46201 | July 13, 2008 3:50 PM

I've worn an Obama Tshirt to that same store several times to great approval - folk even came up to me and asked where to get one like it.

I've been shopping there for years and have never noticed racial tensions. I was also proud to notice a couple of years ago that the new store manager was a Black woman which is kind of unusual in the grocery business...

Brynn Craffey Brynn Craffey | July 13, 2008 4:20 PM

I'm not sure if racism has gone "up" or "down," but there is still way too much of it around.

Many people now know they risk confrontation if they express racist opinions openly to strangers, so they wouldn't wear a shirt like the one in the photo but they would agree with the sentiment.

In other words, racism has gone more underground in mainstream society, which makes it more difficult to measure. I live in San Diego, California--a supposedly "liberal" state. And I have been shocked by how bigoted some friendly, quiet people are when they feel safe to express it.

That's so weird.

I especially love how those folks play dumb when confronted on their racism - "Y'all have gay pride, why can't I have white pride?"

I dunno, Wilson. I've seen plenty of racial tensions at that Kroger. Especially in the U-Check lanes for some reason...

I did notice the new manager though. I love her. She's always friendly and on top of the place.

Sadly, we're starting to see stuff like this more and more in the neighborhood now.

Please dont get me going on these goof balls not only do they give bigots a bad name but white folks to.Many of these idiots have found there way into my religion Asatru all because they think we are all white and think like them not!They have no clue as to what it means to be called buy the Gods of Asgard to serve them.Our own "folkish" branch doesnt help either as two mead horns and there just as bad.Even if they do realy like those of us who are universial in beliving who may be Asatru.But the goofballs have no clue what we mean when we say we have been chosen buy a God or Goddess they just like play acting vikings rolls eyes.

ok done rating for now


Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | July 14, 2008 2:58 AM

I am starting to feel bad for having gone to German Fest in Chicago, (schnitzel) or Polish Fest either. (Kielbasa!) Pardon my ignorance, but is this something more related to bikers or is it overt in other ways? I mean I have run in to more than my share of bigots, but organized bigotry usually needs bigotry and (KKK, Nazi party, Hells Angels).

I'm not so sure that I see anything that is really all that bigoted in the shirt.Having just come from the story about the many different pride flags of the lgbt I'm wondering compared to this how those are any less bigoted.Each one of the flags represent a group that excludes others who aren't the same.Some of the worst discrimination I've faced has come from within the lgbt and as a T even worse from within the umbrella of the T community.My ethnicity is caucasian and I am proud of my familys roots and why should it be devisive or viewed as causing hard failings if I display that in a T shirt? I would hope that someone who is African American or Native American could have those same rights and feelings.If that person felt the need to be checked out by another Caucasian person and was willing to spend the time and energy to wait and swap lines but didn't make any rude or derogatory comments I've no beef with them.Amy

ALL bigotry is soooooo offensive. black, white, gay, straight, christian, muslim, jew ....why not fixate on the color of a persons eyes? it is all so blatantly ignorant that it defies comprehension. and amazingly, some are proud of their ignorance. fortunately, they are dying off slow but sure. if the world survives them and their hatred, perhaps they will become extinct in a couple of generations....

The problem is 'white power' and 'white pride', along with the Confederate and Nazi flags have become synonymous with the Klan, White Power and racist militia movements.

Check the Southern Poverty Law Center, who tracks these groups on a regular basis.

There is nothing wrong with a white person being proud of their heritage. You are doing that when you are celebrating your German heritage (of which my best friend is), or Polish, Greek, Hungarian, or Russian for example.

But the second you start espousing or support an ideology that asserts that because you are white, you are supposed to have dominion over the planet, everyone else is sub human, hate on people who don't worship like you do, say they are not deserving of rights because you don't like them, you don't like who they love or needs to be exterminated because they aren't white or for all of the above reasons, and you claim that agenda is creating pride in your ethnic group, then that's a problem.

I tend to liken it to the same concept as the reason that affirmative action was necessary. When you're the dominant race/gender/sexuality/whatever, you already have all the advantages and are usually already using those advantages to maintain the status-quo and keep yourself the dominant group. The inducement that's introduced by programs like affirmative action is to give the people without those advantages some of those advantages to help "level the playing field" and give those people a foot-in-the-door when they'd otherwise never have the opportunity to get a foot (or any other part of their anatomy) anywhere NEAR the door.

Anyway, as I mentioned, when you're already the dominant group, there's no real need for you to assert yourself--you're already at the top of the "food chain". The only reason that they feel these "White Pride" things are necessary is because they're starting to feel threatened, that other groups are coming close to joining them up there atop the food chain, and they don't like it. The dominant position is all they've ever known their entire lives and they don't know how to share (since, being dominant, they've never HAD to learn how) so they're scared. Pure and simple.

I live in indianapolis/wanamaker and i rode on the run a couple times. Once a year hundreds of bikers from all over the midwest come together to share 2 common interests, bikes and leather, chapped bikerettes. This is no joy ride, it's 300 miles of hell and when your done thats when you feel your pride in accomplishng so much.