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Why we are better than they are

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Elaine Donnelly shows what an idiot she is.

Quotes from gay service members sometimes make me cry. Dana Milbank at WaPo:

[Wounded Iraq war veteran Eric] Alva spoke of his lost leg and how he 'nearly died to secure rights for others that I myself was not free to enjoy.'

I was once stuck in the Charlotte, NC airport overnight. Late in the night, amid hundreds of Red Cross cots, I got involved in a discussion with about seven others. Some civilian, some military, all ages. We disagreed on some things, mostly the war in Iraq. This, of course was not a shock to hear from young men trained to kill on command.

On some things we did agree. Everyone there, from the 20 year old flying to his first assignment to the retired policeman and everyone in between acknowledged that the days of Don't Ask, Don't Tell are numbered. And, as long as Obama stays away from dopes like Nunn as VP, the next administration will repeal the pathetic law. (Sam Nunn fires gay people because they are gay.)

Nunn has not said DADT should be repealed, but only that Congress should review the matter. Well, Sam, you now have available the video of the hearing. Watch it and take a stand. Or are you, a veteran, too wimpy to take a position?

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Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | July 28, 2008 10:46 PM

Thanks Mike, Short Sweet and Right. I am sure that the guy in the next foxhole could care less if his neighbor is Gay, only how well he can shoot to protect his unit.

The linked Wikipedia article is about the wrong Elaine Donnelly.