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Alan Keyes isn't falling in line

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"In terms of the conservative constituency of the Republican Party, Sen. McCain is an opportunistic infection that threatens to ravage and destroy its defenseless body. Tragically for America, in the larger context of our national political life he still plays the role of the AIDS virus, masquerading as a republican while opening the way for Barack Obama, the opportunistic infection that will ravage the defenseless body of our republic."

--Alan Keyes on conservatism in the Republican Party, who's apparently still bitter about losing to Obama four years ago

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I look at Mr. Keyes statement as proof about the fact the lgbt has made a huge tactical error by simply lobbying only the Democratic party.The true Republican Party would be for supporting lgbt rights where as by allowing the birth of a Conservative party that has changed.By not lobbying both parties the lgbt allowed a place for the Religious Right to call home.Now more than ever the divide within the Republican party is being exposed.Reaching out to moderate and liberal Republicans would help to widen that gap and to ensure passage of things like Enda,Hatecrimes Legislation and repeal and replacement of dadt with full service rights for lgbt Americans.I'm not saying abandon the Democratic Party but to also reach across for Republican support where possible.