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An upgrade to our comments system

Filed By Bil Browning | August 12, 2008 11:30 AM | comments

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Thanks for everyone's patience last weekend as we upgraded our site software. One of the best new features is our improved comments section. Now you can reply directly to a specific comment!

As a reminder, if you don't want to submit moderated comments, sign up for a Bilerico Project account! It's easy to do and only takes a minute. Just click the link, reply to the confirmation e-mail and you're all set to comment as much as you'd like!

And while you're signing up for our Bilerico Project commenting account, don't forget to sign up for our daily digest too! Every midnight we'll send you an e-mail with clips of the posts from the day before. After all, you wouldn't want to miss any of the great posts from all of our contributors!

We try to make it as easy as possible for Projectors to participate in the conversation on the site. After all, what good is a monologue in a community discussion experiment? No one likes to yell into the wind; the conversations on the Project is what makes us one of the top LGBT blogs in the nation! Who do we have to thank for that? Our readers and commenters.

Enjoy the upgrade!

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I hope you got my E-mail about the apparent annoyance of this new system. Since the comments can now appear all through the comment section, we have no idea what are the new comments when we log back into reading the comment section. Pam's system works best because it tags the new comments with a red "new" and is based on the computer you are reading the comments from. Is there any plans to tag the new comments so we won't miss them?

Monica makes a great point, and it was something that was a problem on TransAdvocate (at least for me) for a long time.

It helps if you have e-mail notification on, but not everyone wants that.

Monica - long story short: no. The software doesn't do that. Yet.

Movable Type released the beta version that we're running on currently due to a lot of our complaints about the old version. One of the biggest complaints they heard was threaded comments. This is the start of threaded comments for them. (Which is why it took 2 %#[email protected] days to implement.)

I'll be sure to pass the suggestion on. I'm surprised it isn't there to start with.

Yippee. I done it! BTW, the preview feature doesn't seem to be working as it originally had, Bil.

Yep. I couldn't get the preview feature to work this morning when I made a comment. Fortunately, I remembered (a rare occasion) the correct HTML code.

And yes, I love the new "reply to this comment" feature. It makes reading the comment sections much easier!

Another bit of the new software. I didn't think there WAS a preview button anymore. I thought it had been changed to a CANCEL button. I'll check into that, Rory and Dale.

I like the Preview feature. It gives me a chance to step back, take a second look, clarify if necessary, and fix typos.

If we could have spell-check for comments, that would be a fair trade off. Come to think of it, a tool bar for word processing would be really cool. I can't remember the magic words to do that stuff. I'm all about clicking.