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Antonio Sabato Jr.- Gay or Stupid??

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On an episode of E's late-night comedy show, Chelsea Lately, Antonio Sabato Jr. was there to promo his new gig on General Hospital: Night Shift. The show ran a clip in which Antonio Sabato Jr wore only a towel and has a heavy gay subtext. Host Chelsea Handler then joked about Sabato's body and the innuendo in the scene, saying that with a body like that he must be either "gay or stupid."

AntonioSabatoJr.jpgSabato refused to answer the joking question (h/t Towleroad for the transcription):

SABATO JR: I gotta be political, that's a tough question.

CHELSEA: (whispers) Just say gay.

SABATO JR: No, I won't answer that.

I'm voting for stupid, Antonio. Full transcript and video after the jump (as well as some pictures that Mr. Sabato might want to look at again if he's so uncomfortable with the gays...).

Here's the full exchange:

CHELSEA: So in that scene you're with a guy, is there a gay storyline there?

SABATO JR: No not for me, no.

CHELSEA: Okay, a little bit on the show is there?

SABATO JR: There is, actually. There is. There always has to be a gay storyline these days, otherwise they're not hip.

CHELSEA: Okay. But you - because I looked at your body on there and I would think to myself, you're either gay or really stupid. Anyone who has a body that looks like you - and it's the same with women - you're ether really gay or really dumb...So if you had to choose gay or stupid what would you choose? If you had to be one what would you choose?

SABATO JR: I gotta be political, that's a tough question.

CHELSEA: (whispers) Just say gay.

SABATO JR: No, I won't answer that.

Why is Sabato so uncomfortable with a little humor, especially when he brought a gay themed clip from his show? Chelsea was obviously making a joke based on the clip (and his body) that he could have easily had fun with. So stop being so uptight, Antonio. Maybe you've forgotten your past a bit.

antonio2.jpgMaybe he should look back at these publicity pics from his role in the gay indie film Testosterone. He didn't seem too uptight about sexuality in these...

It's funny- he doesn't seem so uncomfortable when he has a guy's head in his crotch. (Clickety to embiggen)



Here's the video of the exchange:

iPhone users: Click to watch

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Have you seen the comments over a Towleroad? The vitriol aimed at Chelsea is just appalling.

I don't think her question was bad at all. It was funny and based on the clip he brought. Handler is a huge gay ally. And she tried to bail Sabato out.

He just came off looking like a jerk.

I don't think that there's anything offensive about Chelsea's question, other than the fact that the joke is just dumb and old.

And Antonio's response, in the video, didn't really bother me either. I mean, you know, he probably just thought her joke was stupid since he's not gay or stupid. Actually, I don't know for certain on either of those counts, but I'm guessing that's what he was thinking.

I guess I just don't get it.

I think Sabato demurred, which was the wise thing to do. It is not that he cannot take a joke, and he has certainly "played gay" enough to expect these questions, it just seemed to me that he really didn't want to come off as offensive to anyone.

And given recent history with the Jay Leno/Ryan Phillipe "gay face" fiasco, I don't blame him.

Dear sOME,
the text of your incoherent comment has been deleted.
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For instance, you really can't call anyone an accursed dog and send them to hell, right?

Father Tony

Thanks for bringing this guy to my attention. He really is sweet – adorable, and all the rest. They’re just having fun, TV-land style, and I really enjoyed the (snicker) repartee. (Alex Blaze, that's your cue ... don't think I haven't noticed you've been stalking me for quite a while, now.)

Isn’t there an old adage that goes something like, "anyone for a publicity stunt?" Now, do you really want to analyze this guy's sexual orientation based on a TV show interview? I hope you're not serious. Anyway, who gives a fuck if he's gay, straight, or whatever? Do we all have to march to your PC drum? Heaven save us, what a horrible majorette world that would be. Seriously, NOT JOKING.

Bottom line: honey, I think you need to get laid. Kisses.

BTW, your link doesn't work anymore, sweetheart. Try this one. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cHq8bAGHQY

The question was put in the same way the no-win question "Is it true you still beat your wife" makes one look. Ironically, by "answering" the question the way he did he proved to all he is NOT socially stupid! (This should not be confused to mean I think he's gay because he isn't socially stupid.) The question was absolutely ridiculous, and anyone who thinks he's a coward for not answering the question all need ask themselves how they would answer the question with respect to the opposite end of the sexual-orientation question they are. You see, just because someone refuses to answer a question doesn't make themselves either gay or stupid - implying that these are the only two options! The ignorant moron in this case was the questioner not the questioned!