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August In The Life segment mentions Bilerico Project

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It's thrilling to see something you've worked so hard to build get casually mentioned by someone you admire. All of the Bilerico family has worked really hard over the last year to be just as "sexy," "cheeky" and "ironic" as possible.

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In this segment from In The Life, the Bilerico Project gets a shout out from no less than Richard Kim, Associate Editor of The Nation. It's a fascinating conversation between Kim and Michael Billy about LGBT politics, activism and the state of gay media.

You can also watch the entire episode on Other conversations in this episode are Camille Paglia with Sandra Bernhard and Dr. Marjorie Hill with Wilson Cruz. You can also download podcasts from the site too.

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"In The Life is the only independent media for the gay community"?

What planet is this guy living on? There are countless LGBT blogs, podcasts, Internet radio shows, and much more, all created by independent online media creators. And we are truly independent, unlike PBS which kowtows to anti-LGBT bigots in Congress for funding by putting shows like ITL on in the dead of night to avoid attacks on their government funding from right-wingers.

And Michael Billy even has the inexplicable gall to throw this misinformation out there right after his guest, Richard Kim, just spent the last few minutes of his interview describing the vast array of independent voices in Queer media accessible on the web.

The real independent media is right here, at Bilerico and on the net, certainly not on weak-kneed PBS.

ITL is great show to be sure, but one that would surely be even better if the people creating it actually did their homework before spouting off.

Congratulations Bil and everyone here at Bilerico!

It's kind of funny to imagine that Richard Kim could be sitting in his underwear reading your blog right now? :)

I liked Richard Kim's comments on gay marriage in terms of "creative kinship". Other voices, crammed into the megaphone of assimilation-phobia, have not been able to say it as well.

I liked Richard Kim's comments on gay marriage in terms of "creative kinship". Other voices, crammed into the megaphone of assimilation-phobia, have not been able to say it as well.

How cool is it that TBP comes up in random conversation on TV shows? That is the kind of publicity you can't pay for.

We're so glad that the shout out tickled you, Bill. You guys deserve the PR! With regard to Becky's comment, as an IN THE LIFE staff person, I'll say that Michael was referring to our being the only independent television show. We're enormously grateful to all the bloggers who are out there and have helped IN THE LIFE to reach their readers. In fact, we're currently researching a story on how the queer media moved from small local newspapers to the huge presence of the net, particularly bloggers.

Becky, thanks for recognizing our work and please trust that we recognize all of you who are getting the word out online.




I do think you guys do a great show, but I can't help but feel offended when I hear completely inaccurate blanket statements like this coming from "mainstream" media.

Speaking as someone who has been a blogger and an Internet radio host for well over five years now, I am sick and tired of hearing statements like Michael Billy's claim at the end of the show from more mainstream Queer media. Even if not the intent, if you actually listen to what he said his statement seems to completely erase the validity, credibility, and even the very existence of the wealth of independent Queer media on the web. I cannot help but find it personally offensive on behalf of both myself and every other online mediamaker who busts their ass to create quality media for our community, paying the expenses directly out of our own pockets, doing it for no pay, just a love of the medium and a desire to serve our community.

It's time shows like ITL and others recognized, and most importantly respected, the work and contributions of independent mediamakers.

And here's another idea Christian: You guys really respect and recognize us? Then how about taking a break from the Broadway stars and Queer celebs and doing a show on what's really going on in online Queer media? How about helping us gain some readership and listenership for our work by covering us on your show? How about taking on some of the topics we cover that really impact peoples lives like ENDA?

If you're willing, drop me a line and I'll give you all the help I can in doing it. You guys really want to show you respect us? Then show us...on your show! My email: [email protected]


I think you're being a tad bit oversensitive. As the clip from the show indicates, Richard Kim's point was that independent media is moving to the web. ITL is the only independent queer television show. Will and Grace and Queer Eye all had big bucks backing them; ITL relies on grants.

And ITL is working on promoting online outlets. As he said, they're currently working on a segment just on bloggers and online media. I also know that they are about to launch their own online blitz to join with bloggers and help promote not only ITL video, but to work in conjunction with bloggers and websites. ITL is also one of the best orgs around for sending out press releases and working with blogs.

All in all, I think the mass media is a much worse culprit than ITL. They do a damn good job - and have plenty more planned.

I don't agree, Bil. I think I'm being completely fair and accurate here. This isn't a new issue...this kind of thing has been going on since I've been making community media. The mainstream doesn't look past itself for content. Just look at who gets all the recognition and awards...and you know it ain't us.

When GLAAD is ignoring real LGBT bloggers and is instead handing out a "Best Blog" award to a celebrity sportswriter who writes five posts on a newspaper website and then disappears, never to be heard from again, you know that we have to speak up and challenge this kind of tunnelvision whenever it appears, and especially from those who should certainly know better.