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Onward to Denver and the DNCC

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Bil and I leave today for Denver to attend the 2008 Democratic National Committee Convention (DNCC). I really can't describe how excited I am. I am humbled by the opportunity to serve as a member of the DNCC Rules Committee and I am honored to be able to share that experience with everyone who reads this blog.

DNCC_Logo_800x600-thumb.jpgBut more than anything, it's just fucking cool to get to be part of history...

The experience so far has been kind of surreal. There hasn't been a day go by where I haven't gotten at least 2 phone calls and 4-6 pieces of mail (and untold emails) regarding something about the convention. I even got a DVD (via FedEx, no less) from that T. Boone Pickens guy - as if his incessant commercials weren't enough!

It's been a whirlwind, but nothing like I think next week will be. More about my official duties, what I'll be reporting on during the convention, and more after the jump.

My official duties as a member of the Rules Committee will be dispatched on Saturday. The committee meets at 11:30AM Saturday and our primary duty is to pass the rules of procedure for the convention. These rules have mostly remained intact for decades, but there are always a few tweaks and such that are needed before each convention.

Once we pass the rules, they will be forwarded to the Convention Chair to be presented to and voted upon by the entire convention delegation. The Rules Committee also passes the official convention agenda. This year we have a few resolutions that have been submitted to the committee we will need to consider as well.

A key resolution to be presented will be to consider the formation of a commission to investigate and identify weaknesses in the primary election process. The idea here is to smooth out some of the bumps that became evident this year. Some committee members are interested in seeing the caucus process changed or even abolished while others are interested in seeing the date of the primary elections return to a more sensible schedule.

This should be a fascinating discussion. I can't wait.

Once the meeting is adjourned, my official duties will be fulfilled. The rest of the time in Denver will be devoted to soaking in the official and unofficial events during convention week. I get the same credentials as delegates, but with no more convention duties I can turn my attention to finding the cool stories to tell on Bilerico Project.

The list of events is far too long to list and it would be impossible to do everything. Bil and I made a calendar of all the events we want to try to make, but I don't foresee us sticking to any sort of schedule.

You can follow me on Twitter for regular tweets from the inside. I plan to update on Twitter pretty regularly since I can do that via text message. I don't want to carry my laptop around each day, so I'll probably only post on TBP once or twice a day.

I think it will be coverage like you can't get anywhere else. Marti is a delegate, I'm on the rules committee, and Bil will be there to cover what we can't. There will be a record number of LGBT delegates this year and it shows with the major presence of Stonewall, HRC, NGLTF, Victory Fund, and so many other queer organizations. It should be an amazing week.

Got questions? Want reporting from a specific event? Leave a comment and let me know!

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You'll want to go to caucus meetings. That's where the most action is. Don't ever give your credentials to anyone else (except Bil - I think you can trust him). They'll tell you that at orientation, but it's SUPER important. If you give floor credentials to anyone else, and they go onto the floor, you have NO WAY to get them back until they *voluntarily* come back off the floor.

I've seen instances where an alternate delegate borrowed floor credentials "just for five minutes" to see what it's like on the floor, only to disappear for hours. There is no recourse if that happens.

Having said that, that's assuming that the set up is the same as when I was a delegate and alternates are only permitted up in the "cheap seats".

Have fun and good luck.

Well, we're here now. Time for bed so we can get ready for his meeting in the morning!