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Bilerico Project gets In The Life

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Today I have the distinct pleasure of announcing our newest contributor, IN THE LIFE. You know them, you love them, you wish you could see more of their episodes outside of your local PBS station. Now you can.

itlmedia-bio.jpgNot only is ITL getting a middle column block on Bilerico Project, they'll be releasing web-only content that will premiere here on the Project. You'll see segments from the month's current show, previews of upcoming shows and the web-only content that you won't see on your TV.

And they are launching a new online outreach program, so you can find them on all of the popular social networking sites. You can friend them on MySpace or on GLEE. You can subscribe to their YouTube channel. You can join become a fan of the show on Facebook, join their Facebook group or their cause.

Please help me to welcome IN THE LIFE to the Bilerico Project. It's not often that we get a contributor who's been nominated for three Emmy Awards! ITL will bring a great look at the LGBTQ community from around the world, so let's give them a warm, Bilerico Project family welcome!

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I am so excited ITL is part fo the Project!! I love their documentaries and amazing content from around the world.

To my knowledge they've actually stopped broadcasting it in Los Angeles. :\

Well now you can watch the show here on the Project! Did you become a Facebook group member or a fan of the show? We need to support IN THE LIFE in their social networking outreach; we have to help this valuable community resource!

Hi, Eric - Thanks for commenting and for being an IN THE LIFE viewer. IN THE LIFE can still be seen in Los Angeles on KCET. In fact, next month's episode (and the last before our season premiere in October) will be airing on KCET: Sunday, September 28 at 11PM.

Among the things we do at IN THE LIFE to build on station relations, is to advocate for better, more, and consistent airtimes to increase the opportunities for broadcast viewers to have access to it. At times it can seem like an uphill struggle, but we believe it’s a critical aspect of fulfilling our mission. Now, this may be a tad bias, but I think IN THE LIFE is the most amazing independent LGBTQ-focused TV program out there. Unfortunately, it's only one of many programs that KCET has to balance the needs of, and at times, puts it at a disadvantage in having its voice heard.

But that’s where viewers (YOU) can help...

Viewers hold the power in influencing public television programming. Feedback (usually in the form of letters) remains a crucial element in getting public TV stations to engage in dialogue around their programming choices. Ultimately, the letters become either the agents-of-change to get a program on the station program director’s radar or the evidence that its viewers (stakeholders) are engaged and invested in their station. Although the chances of a program director deciding to air us – or to air us at a better time – based on one letter is highly unlikely, repeated requests can have an impact on the station’s programming. The sustained and consistent efforts from you and other individuals will add-up and be remembered.

Public television has a mandate to serve its public... ALL of it! Providing convenient airtimes is related to that.

We're mounting a grass-/net-roots public awareness campaign that, among other objectives, will aim to improve IN THE LIFE's presence on public television around the country. We could use your help, and I'd be happy to talk more with you about it. But for now, and to pick up on Bil's earlier comment, you can also help us by friending IN THE LIFE on MySpace or on GLEE; subscribe to our YouTube channel; or become a fan of the show, join our group or cause on Facebook.

If you missed this month’s show, “Talking it Out” on KCET, you can also watch it here:

Thanks for watching!


I don't think its ever been available in Iowa. :(

Folks can check to see if it is shown in their area:

Anyways, I am glad they will be available here!

Thanks for becoming a contributor to the Bilerico project.I have watched many of your shows and only wish they were allowed to be broadcast earlier and more frequently but considering what pbs has gone threw in the last few years I'm amazed they showed your program at all.Keep up the good work as I'm looking forward to being able to follow your programing more easily with this contribution.

I have the IN THE LIFE show profiling The Lady Chablis on tape.