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Broward County Candidate Supports Amendment 2

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Candidate for Broward County Property Appraiser Sara Truini, a long-time Republican who recently turned Democrat to challenge the incumbent in the Aug. 26 primary, doesn't think LGBT people should have equal rights. SaraFace-184x279.jpgShe signed the petition to get Amendment 2, the dangerous "Marriage Protection" amendment that would ban same-sex marriage and repeal domestic partnerships. According to the Sun-Sentinel Political Blog, Truini didn't recall signing the petition, but says it reflects her views:

I believe as a Catholic that the marriages should be between a man and a woman. I believe that. I believe that's the correct way of describing a marriage [as] between a man and a woman.

Her opponent, Democratic incumbent Lori Parrish, sits on the Advisory Board of the SayNo2 campaign against the amendment and has been an outspoken supporter of the LGBT community, including speaking at the Naugle protest rally last year at City Hall. Truini, on the other hand, displayed signed photos with Mayor Naugle and then-governor Jeb Bush on her desk at work.

It is extremely important that our community does not allow an anti-gay person to get in the office of Property Appraiser. Since same-sex couples cannot marry in Florida and have limited domestic partnership rights, it falls to the Property Appraiser's office to assist couples in making sure their property rights and deeds are correctly filled out to ensure survivor benefits.

Incumbent Lori Parrish has been extremely proactive in helping the large number of same-sex couples in Broward. Her office released the first ever guide specifically designed to help LGBT couples ensure their property rights.

One can be sure that Truini would not be so accommodating or helpful if she gained office. In fact, when asked if she would recognize the domestic partnerships of employees in the Property Appraiser's Office, Truini said:

I don't have to recognize anything. I just have to hire people to work to do the job they are assigned to do, who are willing to work for the taxpayers.

Truini's views and biases towards our community are clear. Perhaps we can be just as clear with the message we send her from the voting booth...

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You'll have to work to make sure she doesn't get elected. Good luck.