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Can you help us cover the convention?

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Here at the Bilerico Project, we plan to cover the Denver Democratic convention thoroughly, but we need your help to get there. Can you spare a small contribution to help us cover the costs of attending the convention?

Two of our Indiana contributors will be official delegates to the convention. Marti Abernathey is Indiana's first transgender delegate (for Obama) while Jerame Davis is on the Rules Committee (for Clinton). I'll be going strictly to cover the convention and the protests that are bound to ensue.

The cost of going to Denver is expensive, however. Not only is it a week off of work for Marti and Jerame (hey, I'll be at work!), the transportation and hotel costs alone are staggering. Jerame and I have spent over $1,000 already for plane tickets, hotel reservations, bus passes, etc. for the convention. Our goal is to raise $3,000 to be split amongst the three of us.

Will you help us cover the convention from a queer perspective?

Any donation amounts are welcome. I don't expect anyone to give untold riches! If we raise our needed funds through small donations or large, it'll all help the cause. Anything raised over that amount will be donated to Stonewall Democrats to help other queer delegates get to Denver.

You can find our donation page on the site at:

We'll be publishing a list of donors (first name and last initial only) on the blog with a proper (public) thank you note.

Please accept my grateful acknowledgement of any help you might give. Thanks ahead of time for your generosity.

Update: Bumped up so more people see it. We've raised almost $1500 since Tuesday! Thanks to all of you!

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Folks -

This is an *amazing* political opportunity, and I can assure you it's going to cost them a lot more than $3,000 to do it.

We're always complaining in this country about how the "little guy" has no access to the powerful, and that only rich lobbyists have their voices heard.

National Delegates have access to *everyone*. And everyone whose anyone in politics is there. Being there proves that it is possible that with enough hard work, talent, and luck, you *can* impact the political culture of this country.

I was an openly gay National Delegate in 1984, and can tell you that it's an invaluable experience. I'm a World Class Schmoozer, and it was intimidating to me. Once during the convention, I found myself at a party with the Speaker of the House, the keynote speaker of the convention Gov. Cuomo, varying US senators, national figures, and Tim Russert.

The more time that our Projectors can spend there, the more such opportunities they'll have. Please help them represent us and donate to the Bilerico Democratic National Convention Fund (link in the middle column). Ten dollars will make a big difference if EVERYONE donates!

Believe me, if you ever have such an opportunity yourself, you'll want us to donate to send you. Do it now.


Thanks Rory. I appreciate the voice of support. So far, we've raised $1175 since Tuesday morning!

We're grateful for everyone's donations! Those $10 donations add up quick!

What an amazing showing of support we've seen. I'm truly humbled by the quick response and outpouring of support from readers.

Thank you.

Next time you might ask readers to donate airline miles before you book your tickets. For folks who are frequent travelers this often is an easy way for them to support the cause.

OMG That's a good idea. I wish we'd talked earlier! I'll remember that for the next time. Thanks for the hint!