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Congressional Candidate Flip-Flops on Amendment 2

Filed By Waymon Hudson | August 14, 2008 5:00 PM | comments

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Call it a case of "Charlie Crist-itis"...

paul_renneisen.jpgCongressional Candidate for District 22 Paul Renneisen, who's challenging Democratic incumbent Ron Klein in the Aug. 26 Democratic primary, has confirmed that he did indeed sign the petition to put Amendment 2, the dangerous "Marriage Protection" Amendment, on the ballot. According to the Sun-Sentinel Political Blog, Renneisen said his signature on the petition, which helped put the anti-gay proposal on Florida's November ballot, doesn't represent his views on the issue.

Said Renneisen:

I did sign the petition to get it on the ballot so it can be voted down. I didn't sign a petition supporting the amendment at all. I signed a petition to put it on the ballot. There are a lot of [gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender] individuals who feel we have an opportunity in this year of change [to] defeat this.

Want to know the best way to defeat the amendment, Renneisen? DON'T LET IT GET ON THE BALLOT! Saying you "signed to get it on the ballot just so it could get defeated" is a load of political crap.

But not to worry! Renneisen said that he would vote against the amendment in November. How's that for some political tap-dancing? Sound a lot like the Florida Governor's ever-shifting stance to whatever might benefit him the most in elections.

Klein, who has been a staunch advocate and supporter of the LGBT community, sits on the Advisory Board of the SayNo2 Campaign against the Amendment.

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What a shock! Another politician who will say whatever it takes to get votes. Gonna be an interesting election season.


I know, Dianne! And what a ridiculous backpedal excuse from this guy! And he's not the only politician seeking support from the LGBT community that has signed the petition. I'll be posting about more soon- it is impotant that we know where these people stand.