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Democrats ask queers to die for America and then STFU

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The rough draft of the 2008 Democratic Party Platform has been released. Two mentions of LGBT issues. First, they show their profound commitment to LGBT rights:

Democrats will fight to end discrimination based on race, sex, ethnicity, national origin, language, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, age and disability in every corner of our country, because that's the America we believe in.

So does that mean that they'll get an inclusive ENDA through? Does that mean that they'll add sexual orientation and gender ID to the Civil Rights Act? Does it mean that they'll ban discrimination based on those two categories at all levels of the government? Or do they just think we'll be happy to get that vague statement?

The second mention is about DADT:

We will also put national security above divisive politics. More than 10,000 service men and women have been discharged on the basis of sexual orientation since the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy was implemented, at a cost of over $360 million. Many of those forced out had special skills in high demand, such as translators, engineers and pilots. At a time when the military is having a tough time recruiting and retaining troops, it is wrong to deny our country the service of brave, qualified people. We support the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell" and the implementation of policies to allow qualified men and women to serve openly regardless of sexual orientation.

So, basically, they like the gays as long as we're willing to die in their oil wars. Gee, way to play to your base, Democratic Party.

If the fundies only got two statements on two random issues, one incredibly vague, from the GOP, they would not put up with it. And the GOP would never do that to their base.

But Democrats have been working like this for years - ignore their base and try to get the elusive centrists, I guess because their votes count more than ours. I mean, where else are we going to go?

Then again, when has the GOP ever asked that question of corporo-cons or fundies?

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Haha, omg - best title ever.

Thanks, Nick! It was the fourth I tried, lol.

Bill Perdue Bill Perdue | August 8, 2008 2:57 PM

You aced it the on the first try Alex.

The Democrats program, and the equally slimy Republican program are just campaign season lies. They're frauds.

Here's what a real, non-fradulent program would look like; one that incuded perfectly reasonable proposals (except maybe not so reasonable for the Peantagon and the Chamber of Commerce) to end the war, put the brakes on economic collapse and make the bigots, not us, STFU.

1. Permanent, immediate and total withdrawal of all US military, espionage and mercenary units from the Middle East to US home bases.

2.Cut the US purse stings that pay for the apartheid system used against Palestinians.

3. For socialized medicine paid by extremely high taxes on the rich and taking away the profits and assets of insurance companies and HMOs plus the dividends paid by pharmaceutical companies.

4. Against tax breaks, tax cuts and wasting taxpayer dollars on superstitious cults like the fraud promoted by Santorum, Clinton, Bush/Rove, and Obama of bankrolling 'faith' based charities. Instead, for punishing cult leaders whose hate speech advocates or empowers anti-GLBT violence.

5.Go all out to fight for an inclusive ENDA that would make it easy to win big judgments from discriminatory employers. Even if that means splitting their parties and expelling sellouts like Barney Frank.

6. For an inclusive housing bill that would make it easy to win big judgments from discriminatory lenders and landlords for ourselves and others.

7.Impose harsh federal sentences on organizations, cults and individuals convicted of hate crimes and redefines hate crimes to include harassment, violence and hate speech directed against the GLBT communities as well as others.

8.For a constitutional guarantee of a minimum wage of $25.00 an hour with full benefits, adjusted semi-annually to fully account for inflation.

9. For a federal law cutting the normal work week to 32 hours without loss of pay or benefits and with time and a half after 32 hours, and double time after eight hours in any day or 40 hours in any week.

10. For the repeal of all FTA's - the NorthAmericanFTA, the KoreaFTA, the PeruFTA, and the CentralAmericanF TA. The FTA are anti-union, they impoverish working people and make the rich richer and they're environmental disasters.

11. For twenty days of paid vacation for all workers in plus paid federal holidays plus paid sick leave if prescribed by a doctor, including a year of paid maternity leave.

12. For a a federal law to protect workers who lose, or have lost their jobs because of outsourcing or efforts to control pollution. Those workers should be guaranteed reeducation and receive full income and benefits until they take a new job. In the case of those who lost their jobs to corporate outsourcing the costs of reeducation and living benefits should be paid for by a 100% tax on the dividends paid to corporate stockholders. In the case of jobs lost to anti-pollution effort the full cost of reeducation and full income and benefits should be paid by a 100% tax on the dividends paid to stockholders of all polluting corporations.

13. For federal laws laws that protect immigrant/imported workers at the same level as native workers. Close Guantanamo and end the prctice of hiring mercenaries and foreign governments to torture and murder.

14. Repeal the Paytriot Act and FISA and agressive prosecute of those who violated our civil rights and liberties.

Bill Clinton ran his presidential campaign on the slogan "It's the economy, stupid." He was wrong as usual, because he was a right wing fraud much like Obama and McCain. It's the stupid way the economy is organized by the rich and the parties they own, the Democrats and Republicans. McCain is a rancid right-winger with the Rev. Pat Robertson attached at the hip. Obama is Bill Clinton (DOMA, DADT, NAFTA) in drag with the Rev. Donnie McClurkin attached at the hip.

Somehow I knew I'd find Bill Perdue commenting before even I could get here. *grins*

I have to say though, it was the 1st thing I noticed too. I'd say they threw us a bone, but it was on a string, I think, and they pulled it back.

so by all means...lets prioritize our agenda because we need to make sure "our" party can get the job done for us.


"do they just think we'll be happy to get that vague statement?"

Why wouldn't they expect all LBGT people to be happy with it? Its what trans people are expecetd to accept from them (not to mention from HRC) on specific concrete things like live ENDA bills.

Robert Ganshorn | August 12, 2008 3:10 AM

Here we go with a dosey do attached at the hip in drag again...As much as I would love to see all wrongs righted much as I have waited and yearned...DADT as a start, is a very strong first domino and something we can build upon more quickly than any other single change. I do not think of it as just a bone Bil, but the most they can do, and still win the office, and avoid McCain.

It is still about avoiding McBush isn't it?

Bill Perdue Bill Perdue | August 13, 2008 1:15 AM

The answer to Robert Ganshorn’s plaintive question “It is still about avoiding McBush isn't it?” is that it never was.

It’s about ending the rule of bigots and that means not pandering to them like Obama’s platform does. Did they eliminate all references to other groups? Certainly not, so why did we have our entire agenda trashed by the Democrats and why did Obama decide to cut out all references to us? Is placating bigots that important to the Democrats?

Apparently it is.

DADT was a product of the Democratic hustler in the White House who caved under pressure from the Democratic bigots in Congress, like Senator Sam Nunn, Obama’s key advisor. Obama wants to repeal it only because he plans on ending the war. He’ll need cannon fodder.

When you say that “As much as I would love to see all wrongs righted simultaneously” I suspect that’s not entirely true, after all you’ve already said you think the troops in Iran are ‘sacrificing themselves’ (instead of the reality – they’re being sacrificed for Chevron and Halliburton) so do you support total and immediate and total withdrawal or not?

Likewise you’ve already said you oppose taxing the rich to pay for a $25.00 an hour minimum wage, socialized medicine, a 32 hour work week and extensive protections for workers who lose their jobs. May you could amend that to say “As much as I would love to see all wrongs righted simultaneously, subject to the approval of the US Chamber of Commerce and the editors of the Wall Street Journal…”.

gays supported Hillary (cause they do love their drama queens) for much of the election cycle and they where rather stand offish to Obama, and worse still,some of them lead some of the more vicious and profane attacks against Obama at the time.

Most of them jumped on the band wagon only toward the end when it seemed a sure thing that Obama would beat McCain. Now they have the audacity to say that they are owed big for their support (minuscule support at that-for however loud they are-their numbers are very small compared to the rest of the voting population).HOGWASH. They made no difference in this election and Obama would have been easily elected without them.That is the truth of the matter.