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Facts are such funny things

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The blogger everyone loves to hate has another factually inaccurate attack piece on his blog. Last time Gary was accusing me of sabotaging Advance Indiana's rankings on independent websites as if I had control over their stats.

hothead.jpgHe whined that I'd used an address his blog publishes to and that's listed in both services I provided numbers for. "But you didn't use my other address!" he whimpered, notwithstanding that his blog isn't listed on one of the sites under his blogspot address. Sorry dude, but real blogs have their own URL.

But just for grins and tickles, the facts decided to prove him wrong. (After all, everyone and everything is out to get him - including reality!) My post was noted with his alternate URL and rank already. His super secret conspiracy theory was just that; an attack piece from a jealous blogger stuffed inside a big megalomaniac paranoia.

Today brings us another attack piece on a blogger Gary's written nasty-grams for not paying sufficient attention to his little blog. Bilerico Project contributor Mike Rogers' history with Gary runs back before we went national and Advance Indiana has been banned from Rogers' PageOneQ queer aggregate site. But, doggone those facts. Actually, I think Gary's meaning to attack another one of our alumni. Whoops.

He claims that contributor Mike Rogers brought down Mark Foley.

Two years ago, I laid out the crafty coordination which took place between gay activist Mike Rogers of Blogactive infamy, the blog which outs hypocritical, closeted politicians (almost always Republican), the Democratic Party and ABC News in outing former U.S. Rep. Mark Foley's relationship with male House pages.

The person he's referring to is actually Bilerico Project alumni Lane Hudson. Lane ran the blog that outed Mark Foley to the world and was picked up by ABC News. While Mike Rogers outed Foley in March of 2005, the story didn't get picked up by the mainstream media until Lane provided proof in September 2006.

Doggone those facts.

Perhaps Gary has John McCain syndrome. Maybe his anger gets the best of him and he can't act rationally. It would explain the last time he threatened to sue me. Or maybe it's because they both have a Bilerico connection...

But, hey, at least Rogers still gets a link from The Hothead. After removing us from his blogroll (you're in good company Chris!), he's now stepped it up to refusing to link to the blog. Don't worry, Gary. I'm not that petty; you're still on our blogroll.

After all, the only reason to pull stunts like that is if you fear the competition. As I told him the last time, I'm not scared of his temper tantrums.

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Wilson46201 | August 17, 2008 8:59 PM

After last night's evangelical Q&A, petty bigot and smalltown gossip Gary Welsh did his own detailed analysis of why McCain did soooo much better than Barack Obama. Oddly enough, the candidates answers about "homosexual marriage" just didn't seem to interest Gary any more. Maybe that topic is too icky for a good Republican blogger like Gary Welsh these days?

Sorry dude, but real blogs have their own URL.