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Fun with useless statistics

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From 8/3 to 8/9, here are where TBP readers were coming from. The darker the green, the more hits we got.

August map.JPG

Lots more useless statistics about the site after the jump.

Here's how the states break down in list format:

state list.JPG

Big states dominate the list, and Indiana still sticks up there. It's different from this map from a year ago in terms of ranking, but the states are pretty much the same. (The absolute numbers taper off after Florida.)

Here's the cities from the same


We had this discussion earlier, and we're pretty sure Google refers to Manhattan with "New York City," and that's why Brooklyn's up there too. Also, Austin shows that it has the largest LGBT community in Texas, or at least those who like this site.

Moving away from geography, here are the search engine keywords that led people to Bilerico last week:

keyword list.JPG

It makes sense, well, all except for number 9. Seriously, who sat there repeatedly performing that search?

Last, here's what browsers and OSes people are using:


I think here's where Jerame would recommend a few of you switch to Firefox. I made the change a year ago and I couldn't be happier about it.

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Huh... No info for *outside* the States, eh?

*pout pout*

At 1.25%, I am clearly a repressed minority. Of course this is all part of a Microsoft conspiracy to marginalize Linux users.

I am in the closet. We live in a predominantly MS neighborhood. Many of my neighbors feel that Open Source is part of a sinister agenda to indoctrinate society.

When one of my neighbors found out that I got my OS for free, he promptly wrote an article for OneNewsNow proclaiming me to be anti-Christian and anti-[just about everything]. What really hurt, though, was when he said that my partner and I pose a danger to impressionable children who might think that Open Source is an acceptable alternative platform style.

I think from Georgia its you and me Monica..Arent we a cute couple :-)

Ah . . . no. BUT, you still owe me that drink. (giggle) I'll be a Paris in Decatur on Sat night. I drink bottled water or non-alcoholic beer.

Let me know if you're ever in the real Paris!

I'll be there, right after I win the lottery. (grin)

If that happened, I can hear Alex now, "Monica! You're my new bestest friend!"

"And, you are . . . ?"

So Bruceville came in dead last again? Or is the other gay guy in town reading Bilerico now (I can't speak for any lesbians, and wouldn't presume to do so)?

Ok... that went on a little to much.

It's interesting that almost 23% use Macintosh.

Well, it is a better operating system. :)

I know a LOT of our contributors use Macs.