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Orangina furry porn

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This has been in my list of things to deer.JPGpost for a while, and I've finally worked up the courage to do so.

I often tell Americans that French people are weird, but I don't think Americans know just how weird they can be.

Orangina is an orange soda, except so orangy, it has pulp! (Because that's exactly what you want in your orange soda....) To the right, and after the jump, are a few of their magazine, bus stop, and billboard ads. They're women, but they have the bodies of plants and animals.

I'm not going to pretend like the artwork is bad. But there's something here that freaks me out a little, a vague need to be offended. I can't quite put my finger on it.

Other than that, it's just furry porn, out in the open, in front of kids and old ladies and Americans.

penguin.JPGA few years back, when I was living in France for the first time, an American friend and I would play a game while waiting for the bus: we'd rate the bus ads. France gave us plenty of material to criticize.

I'm not the first American to come to this country and just be amazed by how awful their advertising is compared to ours. They don't really seem to get basic marketing concepts like branding, not crowding their ads to death with information, or making their product seem, you know, desirable. Pretty much everything we saw got a bad rating except for McDonald's and beer.

cactus.JPGSo when I showed up again in St. Etienne back in October (I'm living in Paris right now), and I saw these ads all over, I couldn't stop laughing. I pointed them out to a straight male American friend, I said something like, oh my God, there's furry porn all over this city, and he said something like, yeah, well, I'd still do the cactus.

On one level, I'm surprised that the AFA doesn't have a stick up their collective ass over this ad campaign. I guess as long as it's man-on-female-dog sex, Rick Santorum wouldn't have had a reason to complain.

bear.JPGAll the ads are "women" except for a bear, which I saw once in a gaystream magazine out here. Jeez, a bear is the gay one? How uncreative. I wanna see what a bullfrog would look like as a hot boy!

Not that I just said that....

You can check out the rest of the Orangina furry porn ads on their site.

Update: OK, I just took the train out to Germany, and the train station in Paris was plastered with these ads. Alberto pointed it out and all he could muster was "Oh, c'est space!" (Literally "Oh, that's space!") We also saw the new jellyfish and lavender ladies.

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Isn't it a kind of pun? "Naturellement pulpeuse" refers at face value to the pulp found in Orangina but "pulpeuse" has another meaning like sexy or senuous or something... At least that is what I'd heard, that the advertising plays off a double entendre in the slogan. That doesn't really explain the animal angle, but I guess it stands out from all the other advertising out there that uses scantily-clad human models.

You are alive! I was going to ask someone in France to put a mirror under your nose to see if you're still breathing. I missed you, Alex.

This totally reminds me of Carol Adam's book "The Sexual Politics of Meat."

CBrachyrhynchos | August 6, 2008 4:22 PM

And he didn't even mention the peacock drag queens.

You'll do anything to try and top the popularity of my "Wild Animal Sex" post, won't you? Furry porn? *grins*

But my "wild" sex post is about as risque as yours.


And weird. Really, really goddamn weird. Wow.