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Gainesville Florida LGBT Rights Repeal to go before Voters

Filed By Waymon Hudson | August 29, 2008 4:00 PM | comments

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The Supervisor of Elections has certified that enough valid signatures were collected by Citizens for Good Public Policy to put a repeal of civil rights protections for the city of Gainesville's LGBT population. The issue will now go before voters.

Last January, the City Council voted to expand the existing protections in housing and employment to include gender identity (it already included sexual orientation). The Citizens for Good Public Policy launched a fear-mongering campaign which seeks to repeal not only the gender identity protections but sexual orientation by tying the city's human rights law to the protections offered by the state. Florida state law does not include either gender identity or sexual orientation in the categories that are protected.

Citizens for Good Public Policy said that the main concern is the use of restrooms by transpeople in restaurants and other places. Watch their disgusting trans-scare video after the jump...

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BTW, the sound doesn't work on the video. Regardless, the video's about as misleading as these things can get. For those of us who've had existing GLBT laws in place, we should be scared of these ballot initiatives.

Ballot iniatives have become a way for prejudice to become law.The worst part is the names of these organizations that are pushing them like there really for good public policy by masking their intolerance in a name.

Bill Perdue Bill Perdue | August 30, 2008 1:33 AM

Let’s hope no one in Gainesville is thick enough to invite Florida Democratic (sic) state Rep. Darryl Rouson to speak about this issue. Rouson is Republican who easily crossed party lines because there are so little significant distinctions between them. (That’s why Kerry desperately wooed McCain to be his running mate in 2004.)

Although he’s since apologized Rouson appeared on WEDU TV's Florida This Week and said:

"I think it is wrong to allow adoptions of children by gay and lesbian couples… It sends a wrong message early to a child during formative years that's hard to overcome just by sitting down and talking to them. I think lesbianism and homosexuality is morally wrong.

Rouson, a lawyer, went on
"The law is supposed to discriminate sometimes, in some respects, it is supposed to discriminate against social order and anarchy."

His bigoted attitudes are in line with those of Obama and Hillary Clinton on same sex marriage, and Howard Dean and Leah Daughtry on homophobia. That benighted pair are happily spending your donated money to defend themselves from charges of anti-GLBT bias in hiring and firing at the DNC. A lot more of your money will go to pay all the legal expenses and the settlement, because the plaintiff has already rejected the DNC’s offer of $100,000 to settle. Sic ‘em brother Hitchcock.

The DNC also fosters anti-GLBT, anti-choice and religious interference through it’s Faith in Action grants to Democratic (sic) Party bigots. That’s your money too.

Rouson, Obama, Dean and Daughty are just the tip of the iceberg. Barney Frank took a hatchet to ENDA to please the Chamber of Commerce. Pelosi, Reid and Kennedy dumped the hate crimes bill in the garbage and well over a dozen mostly young GLBT folks have been shot, hacked, beaten and bludgeoned to death since. They all refused to repeal DOMA, a Republican piece of filth they overwhelmingly voted in favor of and DADT, a Democratic piece of filth they authored and voted overwhelmingly for. Kennedy, the last gasp of the Camelot boys, took his own hatchet to ENDA in the Senate. Dianne Feinstein led a large group of Democrats who approved Bush’s bigoted and/or racist nominees for Attorney General and the US Circuit Court of Appeals.

At the Focus on the Family HQ in the Springs, James Dobson is sitting at his desk, rubbing his paws and sneering. Now he has two parties to play with.

Don’t we have enough Republicans as it is? Do we really need the Democrats who are all just pretending