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Get A Little Crazy

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The Gospel according to recording artist Seal states, "We're never ever gonna survive unless we get a little crazy;" and sitting here, I can't help thinking that the editor of this publication can get a little crazy when he allowed a 4' 8", four-eyed, bald-headed, cross-dressing, black dyke from the projects of the Bronx to write on her opinions. This just might be the time for all of us to get a little crazy.

With the race for this Country's next president in full swing, we face McCain furthering a Bush agenda- lying and more troops dying, the right of womyn being able to choose being a battle we just might lose, and separate and unequal marriage legislation perpetuating the new segregation. It's time we all get a little crazy.

I want to take a moment to speak to my gay white male brothers. I want to speak with you because you are in the position to be part of the revolution America needs. I am specifically calling on gay white men to get a little crazy. I am calling on you to be the conductors on "Our" underground railroad that can transport us all into that all-too-elusive promised land. That place where we challenge what we heard about "those people" growing up, and the only privilege anyone has is the continuously unfolding awareness of our mutuality. I am calling on my gay white brothers to challenge themselves to step outside of "gay issued" politics and dip their feet in the sea of "interconnected politics." I am calling on my gay brothers to not concede to their fears of what might happen if the country is lead by someone who does not look like them.

I am asking my feminist sisters to overcome the stinging bitterness over the reality that this country will not be lead by a nurturer- but also rise to the challenge of being nurturing at this historic juncture and not concede to their fears of what might happen if the country is lead by the personification of what they have been taught to fear.

I must admit that as a black feminist dyke raised in a single maternal-headed and Afrocentric household, I never thought that I would be admitting to needing anyone, much less white folk. However, I have come to understand the importance of a universal principle. As children we are taught that what goes around comes around and that we should do unto others as we would have them do unto us. We are taught these lessons because in essence we share the inescapable mutuality of connectedness. So whether a spiritual practice perceives it as Namskar, being our brother's (or sister's) keeper, loving our neighbor as ourselves, good karma, libation for the elders, or wishing someone that they never hunger or thirst; most traditions are in tune with: what we give to another we give to ourselves and likewise what we deny another we deny ourselves.

As Dr. King so simply put it, "None of us are free unless all of us are free."

Gay white men can be the bridge over the trouble waters of racism, sexism, and classism because of the privilege of being white men.

What I am asking gay white men to consider is the interconnectedness of oppressions. The same bubbas that drive around decapitating "niggers" in Texas are the same bubbas beating pretty little gay white boys to death and leaving them crucified in the dark of the Wyoming night.

See, what we must understand is that the "good old boy network" is already clear about their interconnected politics. They are clear that there is no room at the table for folk not in the same class as them, that do not love as they love; and that there is barely a place set for those who don't look like them or have the same genitals as them.

When I see gay white men perpetuate this paradigm instead of creating a new one, I am grieved.

When gay white men get clear on the interconnectedness of our politics our strength will be in the gathering at our diversified table. Gay white men will not totally be free until we stop the rollback on womyn's rights. Gay white men will not totally be free until they get that just because "They" might come for you last does not mean that "they" will not come for you.

Now I am not by any means under the delusion that what I am about to suggest will not be without its challenges, but it will also have its rewards.

I want to see my gay white brothers calling people on "jokes" that demean another's culture. I want to see my gay white brothers who have the power to hire and fire create some employment opportunities for people who do not look like or live like them in the work place. I want my gay white brothers to put aside the capitalistic pursuits and vote for political party tickets that come as close as possible to promoting the certain inalienable rights to all people- even if that parties candidate is a womyn.

Let us all live out our lives with our own personal EEO statements. That we will hold the divinity in every human being regardless of race, class, gender (declared or undeclared), religion, national origin, and yes, even sexual orientation. May we draw on the strength inherent in each of us and get a little CRAZY.

Continue to walk in the light, redefine your faith, and remember it's all about the rhythm.

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What an amazing first post, Bishop! We are so lucky to have you on the BPFL team!

I coudln't agree more that we all need to "get a little crazy", step outside our comfort zones, and make a change in the world!

You'll fit right in, Bishop. The entire Bilerico family is a little crazy; he'll I'm a lot crazy!

For a first post, this is fantastic. Welcome.

Joani McBride | August 14, 2008 6:24 AM

Hello Bishop S. I have missed you since I left
Ft.L. As you so often do, you have said it, you have said it loud and real. We are all in this together and our white gay brothers can be such important allies in leading the march. Here in Gainesville, the wimmin are a political force to be reckoned with but there is a dearth of African-American Rainbow participation. Join us my Brothers and my Sisters as we struggle at this time not to lose the rights we have gained. When any of us are told,"Thou shalt not pee here" we all must cross our legs.


The Bishop is amazing, isn't she? :) We are lucky to have her! Thanks for coming by to comment.

How is the fight in Gainesvillie going? We've talked about it here on Bilerico ( and we would love an update!