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Get Out Your Flip Flops: It's Joe Biden Weather

Filed By Serena Freewomyn | August 25, 2008 9:00 AM | comments

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Can I just say how much I enjoy a fashion accessory's place in politics? I love that flip flops are now political jargon. And the "dymanic duo" of Obama and Biden has embraced these sexy little shoes whole-heartedly.

Here's Senator Biden talking about his friendship with John McCain. He also gives his opinion on Barack Obama's ability to lead.

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Oh wait! Here's the same video clip, but as an official John McCain ad. More little gems after the jump too.

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Oo, snap!

Here's Biden's opinion of the South Asian community.

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And here's the best one of all: Biden's racist comments about Obama himself.

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So much for ch-ch-ch-changes, ya'll. I just call it like I see it.

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Loose lips sink candidacies, I think, was the justification Trapper John threw out there a month ago for not picking Biden.

Then again, here we are.

But of course Biden's not racist! He's running for high office with a black man!

Wait, who's Trapper John? I'm not getting the M*A*S*H* reference.

Sorry, he's a CE at Daily Kos.

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | August 25, 2008 12:26 PM

If there was the technology available at the time, as we have today, Lincoln would have lost and we might still have slavery.

Serena, the Daily Show is comedy not news.

So we are picking on Biden for calling Obama articulate? Coming from Chicago being called "clean" is an indication of lack of corruption.:)
He also described Obama as "mainstream" which could never be applied to Jackson, or Sharpton, but could be applied to Mosley Braun my former senator. But he said "guy" didn't he? I take from this that Obama is the first "mainstream" (electable) "clean" (either clean cut or uncorrupted) candidate who is also articulate. African American leaders understand this and have expressed it exactly thus this AM on CNN

And now I am going to Dunkin Donuts for a double glazed, you made me hungry! Am I wrong or was Biden speaking to an Indian man? People do get to "joke" you know.

John McCain--Vietnam--war hero...repeated like a mantra until you are sick of it. That's a joke!

Thank you for the posting goddess!

Repeat after me--

Three supreme court justices, universal healthcare, troops out of Iraq, improved reality based foreign policy, someone who TAUGHT constitutional law in the White House

Three supreme court justices, universal healthcare, troops out of Iraq, improved reality based foreign policy, someone who TAUGHT constitutional law in the White House


Since you ignored my rebuttal to this nonsense in my comment posted in the "32%" article, and instead decided to use your Contributor privelege to promulgate your own canard, I'm reposting that comment here in its entirety.

The lines in the quotation marks are Serena's, commenting on the "32%" article. The lines without quotes are my rebuttal.


"John, I won't be voting at all in November. And I do not consider myself to be a moron. In fact, I'd say that I'm pretty educated."

Actually, "moron" refers to intelligence, not education.

"I was already hedging on whether or not I would vote for Obama before he announced his running mate. But now that I see he's chosen Biden, I'm definitely out."

Biden's philosophy on issues and politics is almost identical to Obama's. If you are pro-choice and pro-GLBT rights, there's no reason that your vote should change.

"Let's not forget this is a man who made racist statements about Obama early on in the primary season."

That's complete bullshit. He was trying to compliment Obama, not smear him. He misspoke and said clean instead of cleancut. If we've gotten so hung up on language that we're willing to pillary someone with an exemplary civil rights record and whose walked the walk in how he's lived his life, we're going to find our side a very lonely place.

At the time he said it, Obama said he didn't take offense, and he knew what Biden meant. It seems kind of presumptuous for other people to continue to take umbrage when the object of the statement didn't, even at the time of when it was said.

"And now we're supposed to just forget all that?"

Well, yes. Obviously Obama has. Why should your sensitivities be given higher consideration than his?

"I'm an anarchist. I've voted in local elections, because I think that I do have the potential to make a difference at a local level."

Well, you aren't a very good anarchist. Aside from participating in your government by voting, you're doing so on a level which is considered the most oppresive to anarchists. It's the local government which employs the police, paves your roads, makes you get a permit to put a sewer in, etc. Those are the very last elections an anarchist would want anything to do with.

"The people on my school board and city water commission are making important decisions that do affect my daily life."

So is the president. His decisions will shape your rights, those of the next three generations, and war and peace. Unless you kid goes to public school, the school board can't really touch that.

"In Arizona, we will be voting on an initiative in November to raise taxes for expanded public transit. As a bus rider myself, I will make it to the polls to support that. Public transit in Arizona is woefully behind the times! And I will vote against the anti-marriage bill, even though same-sex marriage is already illegal in Arizona, and even though I don't believe in marriage."

So in reality, the only election you *aren't* voting in is the presidential, and *that's* the one you're making the exception for. Not the other way around.

"But voting on a national level? Well, the only reason I voted in the primary is because I wanted to support a woman running for office."

So you did vote in the presidential election. So being an anarchist really has nothing to do with it.

"I'm a big fan of the suffragists, even though I agree with Emma Goldman that these women ultimately were putting their efforts into the wrong arena."

So you're more of a contrarian than an anarchist. Why would you admire the fight for something you don't value? Unless you do value it, and are only calling yourself an anarchist without following its philosophy?

"When I do vote, it's to honor their struggle. Nothing more, nothing less. Goldman said, "If voting made a difference, it would be illegal." "

That's a great line, and very funny. But you know what? If people *fail* to vote, *that's* when we are in danger of them taking it away from us.

"And in the era of the Patriot Act and decreasing civil liberties, it ought to tell you something that they still let us vote."

Anyone who fails to vote, or votes for the people who support the Patriot act has forfeited the right to complain about it. Given the number of people who have fought and died to get the right to vote, it seems very disrespectful to throw yours away.

"So thanks for your patronizing rant about how 32% of us are morons. But I'm even less likely to vote at all now that I've read your old guy rant than I was before."

Well, it wasn't my rant, and it's probably a subject of debate if I'm an old man, but if you're so easily swayed, your convictions might need some fine tuning.

" Many thanks for sealing that deal."

What'll happen next? You'll hold your breath until you turn blue? That'll teach 'em.