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Getting started in Denver at the DNCC

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Our first day in Denver was a lot of fun. I always enjoy traveling and meeting new people, so this is right up my alley.

We started our morning with a quick light rail ride to the convention center. Indianapolis, did you hear that? Light rail. Instead of selling off parks and cutting off arts funding, some cities are making things better for their residents...

I'm still not adjusted to seeing the mountains in the distance. I want to go hiking so badly it isn't even funny. Since our plane doesn't leave until late on Friday evening, we've talked about renting a car for the day and heading up there to see what trouble we can find.

The Denver Convention Center is very nice. The big blue bear peering in the glass windows tickled me so much I had to share him with Projectors. I promise not to put up a bunch of tourist pics this week but I do have a pretty pic of downtown Denver at the end of the post. After the jump, some pics I took with a few Projectors I met around town.

When I walked into the meeting room where the Rules Committee was meeting, I ran into Ilyssa Fuchs. She's working at the convention and was bil-ilyssa.jpgmonitoring the "You Shall Not Pass" line. ("Can I see your credentials, please? I'm sorry; you can't go past this line...")

While the first three rows were reserved for the press, Ilyssa helped me grab a spot in the second row where I could take pictures and hear clearly. We chatted about various LGBT orgs (HRC, NGLTF and NCLR all rank highly in Ilyssa's opinion) and blogging before she got whisked away as the room filled. Thanks for the good seat, Ilyssa.

We took a picture together at the end of the meeting and I promised her I'd put it up so she could see herself on Bilerico Project. Mission accomplished, Ilyssa.

nick-jerame-bil.jpgAfter the meeting we walked around downtown for a while. We strolled through a beautiful downtown area full of convention attendees and locals. The light rail and hybrid/alternative fuel bus line routes were clearly marked and you could find your way around easily. We stopped for lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe (it's a tradition when we're traveling) and while we were there we ran into Projector and PageOneQ editor Nick Langewis.

All in all, we both agree that Denver is an incredibly beautiful city with lots of friendly people. We're both enjoying our time here. Thanks again for giving us this opportunity to bring these sights and news to ya'll. We're already planning out the rest of the weekend and next week's official parties, events and duties.


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Fly out Monday and spend the weekend in the mountains, you won't regret it. Low hanging clouds scraping over a peak right before your eyes is an amazing experience.

If you can find the time I highly recommend a trip to Boulder for lunch and hiking. Or Aspen. Summer hiking in Aspen (take a gondola up one of the mountains and walk down) is not to be believed! And if you get the chance, don't miss the lobby of the Colorado State Capitol building in Denver. Absolutely fantastic! Bil, I'm green with envy and look forward to your dispatches from Denver!

I agree with Eric. Boulder's totally your type of town, Bil. Totally crunchy, hippie. ;^)

"I agree with Eric. Boulder's totally your type of town, Bil. Totally crunchy, hippie."

Except for my Republican brother and sister-in-law.

How embarrassing.

I'd have to agree with gregC; give yourself a few days to drive around.

My personal recommendation: Take I-25 down to Pueblo and then take US 50 across the mountains over to Montrose (and if you're *really* adventurous, try US 550 from there down to Durango.)

Yeah, we have a bit of time on Friday and that's about it. Our check out time is 11am and our flight doesn't leave until 8pm. That's about our only window of opportunity.

If there's any locals that know where we should go to see some scenery around here (or have a car and are willing to take a trip!), shoot me an e-mail.

Bil, you're good - you actually snapped a picture of me, at the top of this posting, in my blue fur coat. By the way, the people in that room are doing some very interesting things........

How far from the delegation hotel is the light rail line?

Annette Gross | August 24, 2008 9:27 PM

So glad you're having a good time (despite the horrible room)! Denver is really a great city! If you have time, you might want to check out the Mint and see how pennies are made! (okay, so it's not the same as hiking in the mountains).....

David Myers | August 25, 2008 3:11 PM

We would be glad to start the light rail project as soon as you find the tax money for it. Get busy, I know you can do it.