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Marti, Jerame and I will be going to the Democratic convention in Denver later this month. Marti is Indiana's first transgender delegate and Jerame is on the Rules Committee. While we may not have gotten press credentials from the DNCC, I'll blog from the outside with the activists and from inside as Jerame's spouse.

We need your assistance
to be able to afford the trip. The three of us are sharing a hotel room to cut costs, but by the time you figure in plane tickets, the hotel room, food and drink, the buss passes and more, it starts to add up quickly. We're trying to raise $1000 for each blogger from Projectors willing to help.

I'd like to point your attention to the top of the middle column. See that thermometer with dollar amounts and the Donate button? We appreciate your donation - no matter how small. We'll bring you the latest scoops from the conference - both inside and out - just help us get there.

Don't forget that contributors Pam Spaulding and Terrance Heath were credentialed by the DNCC and are raising money on Pam's House Blend for PHB contributors going to Denver! With this many LGBT bloggers descending on Denver, the convention's coverage will never be the same.

Help us show you history through our eyes. Send LGBT bloggers to the Democratic convention!

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