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Hillary Clinton will release her delegates tomorrow

Filed By Jerame Davis | August 26, 2008 1:30 PM | comments

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Reports from Clinton delegates suggest that tomorrow at the Clinton Delegate lunch and reception, Sen. Hillary Clinton will release her delegates. As of this morning, the plan is for Clinton to release her delegates at the luncheon and then Wednesday evening, her name will be placed into nomination and there will be a full roll call vote.

Clinton delegates were told to vote their conscience, and while many will switch and vote for Obama, it seems that a good portion of the Indiana Clinton delegates still plan to vote for Clinton.

It is a relief to me that all of this has been worked out and Clinton supporters will get to have their voices heard. Hillary is showing true grace and dedication to the Democratic Party by doing the right thing, and the Obama folks are showing their wisdom by allowing this historic vote to proceed.

I'll update if any of this changes as final plans are still being worked out.

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Over on Pam's House Blend, one of the bloggers seems to think that there's an all-too-real possibility still looming that some number of Hillary supporters will vote McCain come November. They're referred to as PUMAs, as in "Party Unity My Ass." I wish I could share your optimism that this issue's been settled, but I lean more towards the pessimistic interpretation. I guess the whole ENDA debaucle reinforced it for me: never underestimate the willingness of your so-called allies to sell you out.
By the way, *I'm* the local person following you on Twitter. So "Hi" back at ya, Darlin'!