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I'd Rather Switch than Fight

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I am sure you remember that old cigarette ad slogan, "I'd rather fight than switch." Well, this reverse version should be the motto of all of us who supported Hillary Clinton. We all need to get behind Barack Obama and make sure that we win back the White House - and our country - this November.

It will simply not happen without a full faith effort on everyone's part, no matter who you supported in the primaries. Unity is no buzzword this year, it is the only way we will have any hope to see the change we do desperately need.

My house was - and still is - a Hillary House. We admire her, respect her and see her as an inspiration for all women, but especially for our 3-year-old daughter. I want her to grow up in a world where nothing is out of her reach and Hillary has so much to make that a reality.

But here's the reality: we absolutely must win in November. We need to put someone with integrity, progressive values and the best interests of everyone in this diverse nation at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. I believe Barack Obama is that person. Not simply because John McCain is a nightmare for LGBT people and plenty of other folks. Obama has proven himself an ally to our community, a formidable opponent for McCain and a person who can inspire

It was not easy arriving at this moment. We all had to watch our Democratic candidates pitted against one another, the ugly sexism that erupted in the media and on the Internet. Obama has made a few mistakes, but who doesn't. The measure of a person is what they learn from them.

We all still speak in hushed tones about the realistic prospects of an African-American president. Will our country really elect a black man? I think so. I have to think so and I will work to make it happen.

My wife is fond of saying that if you cannot think of anything else, there are three reasons to get on board and make sure Obama is elected: the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court and the Supreme Court. She may still be a little bitter but she has kept her sense of humor.

There are a plenty of other reasons too, of course. If we are to make any progress in stemming the loss of life, credibility and money from the travesty of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, if we are to see any serious reform in education, social security, health care and the economy in general, we will certainly not see it happen in a McCain administration. If there is any hope of passing an inclusive hate crimes bill or non-discrimination law, that will only happen with an occupant in the White House who knows us, respects us and will work with us.

I read a shocking and sobering statistic the other day - that 10% of LGBT people are supporting McCain, and Obama has 68% of the LGBT vote. When we look at the margins of error for the general election, we are once again a minority that can help put Obama over the top. So here's our challenge: 15 percent of all GLBT voters are not yet sure which candidate to support. We should be doing two things: talking to everyone we know about who they are voting for and do everything we can to get that 15% of undecideds to decide, as also put some effort into 10% of the McCain camp. There is plenty of information on this site and others - if not now, when?

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Amen! I noted a story on one of the news channels a few days ago, where they were talking to a group of fools who are going to sit this election out, simply because Hillary didn't win.

Sorry your candidate didn't get the nomination. Mine didn't either. So you vote for the best remaining one. Obama v. McCain is certainly an easy choice for anyone with an IQ above 0.