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Video of Obama at the convention

Filed By Jerame Davis | August 29, 2008 3:30 PM | comments

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Here's some video I was shooting for to get some crowd reaction and just happened to catch Obama's remarks on gays and lesbians. I'll catch up with pictures and video when I get back to Indy.

iPhone users: Click to watch

I have so many thoughts about last night's speech, but for me Obama sealed the deal. He gave hard specifics of what he will do as president, he addressed directly a number of women's issues including choice, equal pay, and he paid due respect to Hillary Clinton.

The choice is clear, my friends (HA!) and Obama is the only choice if you want to see a new direction for our great country. Barack Obama will be a fine president and this week has proven he is ready to lead.

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And I just can't wait until he pushes for the rights of gays and lesbians all over the country to visit their (uh...lets see...not spouse...partner maybe in some places....butt buddy / gal pal) while they are on life support in the hospital.

We really have come a long way, baby. After an over long - year long - campaign for the Democratic ticket, Obama pays us back by mentioning how it ought to be palatable for Americans to allow gays the right to visit each other in the hospital.

I am so inspired. In fact, I'd like to begin a campaign of mailing bedpans to the White House every month after his election until he waves his magic wand and enforces hospital visitation rights to us silly gays.

I just can't wait to see my CA husband with a feeding tube to really experience the full American experience. We are lucky.

Yes, it is progress. Progress doesn't mean utopia. It means that you're closer to your goal now than you were before.

Not all previous Domcratic National Conventions have had former presidents, presidential candidate, and featured speakers affirm their support of gay rights, as was the case this year.

And I guarantee that if gays are mentioned at all at the Republican National Convention, it will only be derisively.

So if it makes you feel better to be sarcastic about it, that's fine. But just don't think that you're going to get anything even approaching that from McCain.