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Kate Perry's mom upset by her success

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'We hate it. It promotes homosexuality, which the Bible clearly states is a sin, and it is shameful and disgusting. When it comes on I bow my head and pray. She is our daughter and we love her and can't cut her out of our lives. But we strongly disagree with how she is conducting herself and she knows how disappointed we are. Katy is not a homosexual and has just been led astray by Hollywood. She changed when she went to LA and is going through a period of rebellion. She's told me, 'Oh Mum, I'm not going to turn into Amy Winehouse,' but I pray all the time God will help her find salvation."

-- Singer Kate Perry's mother, Mary Hudson. Kate's parents are both evangelical ministers.

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Evangelical ministers? Wow. I thought I had it bad with just one born again parent.

Evangelical ministers? Wow. I thought I had it bad with just one born again parent.

As a T child of Divorced Conservative Christians and having a Father who is an ordained Baptist Minister I can tell you I cut them no slack.That doesn't mean I don't love them I just don't let them get away Scot free with their religious persecutions.I believe any LGBT person who is in a position of public visibility with Conservative Parents should speak out about how their parents beliefs effect their self esteem and relationships both with partners and their parents.My Father was in the habit of doing the end of phone call prayer thing with me I've noticed he has stopped.I sadly believe those prayers have come to an end due to my adding a few lgbt specific things into those prayers like tolerance and understanding.I believe joint prayer is a to way street and if I have to go threw with it I should be able to add a few things I believe are important to it.Maybe the lgbt kids of Conservatives should start their own group Focus on the Parents we could practice compassionate liberalism on them.

soumya mukherjee | October 17, 2008 8:03 AM

I am forteen years old Indian boy,in those days I saw many girls but katy perry is really fantastic out look I love her so much.

Larz Blackman | October 19, 2008 11:01 PM

amym440, You speak as if self-esteem is more important that one's standing with God.