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PA: town plans to arm school police with Tasers

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What are these people thinking, given the evidence out there that grown adults are getting Tased to death by trigger-happy, poorly trained law enforcement who electrocute first and ask questions later?

Uniontown school officials intend to draft a Taser policy for their school police officers that might be discussed as soon as the school board's Aug. 18 meeting and could be considered for adoption next month.

The school's director of security says giving the district's three officers the option of using a Taser is more about providing the safest possible conditions for children, staff and visitors than as a weapon "directed at the students."

Concerned parents and residents questioned the necessity of the devices at a public meeting Wednesday night, but a Cleveland consultant said in an interview Thursday that a Taser can be a "useful extra tool" for authorities as an alternative to a firearm in gaining control in a tense situation.

Well-known forensic pathologist Cyril Wecht gave a thumbs-up to sizzling teens into submission:

"Once you have the Taser and it's been accepted and legitimized ... I see nothing wrong with officers being able to use it on teenager."

The problem here is that over and over as we've seen in so many posts on the matter, is that situations that used to be contained by deft negotiation now result in a Tasing; officers simply whip out the stun gun to order compliance, not to stop a truly dangerous situation where a gun might have been used. Let's go to the videotape of one of the latest egregious situations, a teen with a broken back Tased 19 times by police:

Imagine school police responding to anti-LGBT bullying in the halls; who do you think is going to be on the receiving end of the electro-shock?

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These things are just being used as toys by boys who never grew up and love feeling like they have a little bit of power.

It doesn't matter though, since they get off on using their guns too. And all they have to do afterwards is say that they felt threatened, and no matter how ridiculous the claim is, they won't get punished.

Sorry, I'm in a very "fuck the pigs" mood.

I love it how they always try to sell it as "a safe alternative to handguns." But when was the last time a school safety official whipped out a gun and shot a student in a crowded room?

Pam, this is horrifying -- thanks for posting!

The whole concept of tasers is that it's a non-lethal alternative to guns. However, they are most decidedly lethal. Therefore, they have no reason to be used as such.

The point about their use to compel compliance is right on. Think back to the incident where six cops were holding down the heckler at the speech in Florida, and he was tased. If six cops were holding down a suspect, would it be acceptable procedure to fire a gun at him? I doubt even the strictest law-and-order NRA type would say that it was. The standard should be the same.

My partner has a serious cardiac arrhythmia condition, for which she has a surgically installed internal defibrillator. If she were shocked by a taser, it would KILL HER. She doesn't have a tattoo on her forehead that reads: Caution - Do Not Shock - ICD. So no one would know, and she'd be SOL.

Brynn Craffey Brynn Craffey | August 12, 2008 9:13 PM

What's next, solitary confinement for not turning your homework in on time?

This country's going crazy.