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Prisoners and Families of New Orleans Need Your Help

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As Hurricane Gustav approaches New Orleans, please read this call-out from Critical Resistance New Orleans and help ensure that people in New Orleans prisons are not abandoned and abused again the way they were during and after Katrina.

(Thanks to Tyrone Boucher and Chad U. Jones for e-mailing me the alert.)

To All CR members, Allies, and Comrades of New Orleans, Prisoners and Families of New Orleans needs your help immediately!

If you haven't heard already Hurricane Gustav is headed for New Orleans
and is predicted to be a category 3 hurricane, the same as Hurricane Katrina. There will possibly be a mandate for all people (outside of prisons and jails) of New Orleans to evacuate starting tomorrow August 29th, the three year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. It is predicted that hurricane Gustav will pose great flooding potential regardless of its category rating, the levee that broke by elected official's decisions during Hurricane Katrina has not been fixed to its potential, or replaced.

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The overcrowding Orleans Parish Prison, located in New Orleans, holds 2, 500 prisoners (this count is not certain, due to lack of information given to the public.) Although not official, we have information that the Prisoners of Orleans Parish Prison will be evacuating to Angola Prison and Hunt Prison in the next coming days and are also prisons that can be affected by Hurricane Gustav due to overcrowding.

During Hurricane Katrina there were prisoners able to evacuate and others who remained locked in their cells with a minimal chance of survival. Prisoners were left in flooded cells, with no food, and had minimal ventilation, to say the least. Family members, of prisoners who were held at Orleans Parish Prison, are still in the fight to locate their loved ones who had been evacuated to other prisons during Katrina. Due to the flooding, lack of organization and care from New Orleans Department of Corrections and elected officials, prisoner's records were also missing. As a result, prisoner's constitutional rights have been violated.
This abuse can not happen again!

What will happen to the prisoners of Orleans Parish Prison located in New Orleans this time?

Critical Resistance (CR) is demanding that the elected officials of New Orleans will not create the same devastating wrongs as they did to the prisoners of Orleans Parish Prison during hurricane Katrina.

1. we demand a full and safe evacuation of all prisoners
2. we demand to know what the evacuation plan for prisoners is
3. we demand to see a public document about that plan immediately
4. we demand information about how we can find people after an evacuation

We are urging every member, ally and comrade of New Orleans across the country, to make atleast one call to:

Sheriff Malrin Gusman: 504.827.8505
(James Carter's secretary said "Orleans Parish Prison is Gusman's prison")
James Carter: 504.658.1030
(Criminal Justice Council Member who is able to put pressure on the sheriff even if they say they can't)
You can also send an email: [email protected]
please put in your email subject: How will you protect prisoners this time?

Please call as many times as you can to put pressure on them and let them know our demands and it is their job to be accountable to us!!!!!!!!

For further information from us please contact Critical Resistance New Orleans:
Mayaba: 917.385.5472 or [email protected]
Koolblack: 504.813.4714 or [email protected]

(If you can't get through due to evacuation please contact: [email protected] for further information)

In solidarity,
Critical Resistance

I just called the sheriff's office and was told that everyone in prison has already been evacuated. The representative I spoke with was unable to tell me where they are, but she said they'd been "working on it since 6 o'clock this morning" and "to our knowledge, everyone's out." Has anyone been able to independently verify this or get more information? (<--Friday morning)

Update (Saturday evening): INCITE! New Orleans, including the New Orleans Women's Health Clinic, has put out an urgent call for support.

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Fuck em - that's the way life is. They are in prison because they are not to be loose in society - if responsible citizens have to leave due to evacuation, and those people are in dire straits to find a place....and our jails, prisons etc are over crowded as is - where do you think these people should go. I have NO SYMPATHY for them at all!!!

You don't even know why they're there, and you're pretty much advocating the death penalty?

Even if they did something horrible (most prisoners, at least at the state pen where I used to live, haven't) and the flooding doesn't kill them, what does it serve to be inhumane?

Sometimes I wonder how much further we have to go....

i called jefferson parish and they are sending them to hunts and other local jails. my fiance' is in jail over there in jp and im scared for him. also what i have heard is that they will let out some prisoners that arent a danger.( because of the over crouding) but i still nerver heard from my fiance and we talk every day. if any one has any my info pleasssssssse email me [email protected]
in a different web site they said that they will also be sending them to angola.

i just found out that my fiance is in allen parish corectional! i just hope hes safe!!!