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I have an "Honored guest" hall pass for the convention tonight. On Tuesday and Wednesday, I have floor passes. The Starz Green Room gave me a VIP All Access pass. The Big Tent held two VIP passes for Jerame and I.

Out of all of the above, which one do you think was the hardest to get into? The Big Tent. Apparently our passes were for, well, VIPs and not bloggers. It took a half an hour's worth of negotiations to be able to charge my laptop and iPhone back up. *grins*

Maybe the Convention should take a page from the Big Tent on security.

Now if I'd just remembered to bring the camera cord to connect to the laptop, we'd be cruising along. Anti-gay protesters, a couple more shout outs, pics of the LGBT caucus and our side trip to Red Rock amphitheater with Indianapolis City-County Council President Joanne Sanders will all have to wait until I get back to the hotel room.

Jerame's going to be providing our coverage of tonight's convention floor action; he'll be posting after he gets back to the hotel room.

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If you have freetime or haven't already, check out this Web site I learned about two minutes ago having to do with the upcoming election:

It has every widget, chart, tweet, blog post, and electoral maps for Obama and McCain on how things are going with the campaign so far. And it only takes a few minutes. Then again, you probably already knew all about it. :)

Enjoy the mile-high city!

Ha! I'm working the Big Tent today & tomorrow. I told them you said this & they smiled quietly to themselves. Not bad for a bunch of volunteers. Hope you're enjoying your time here!