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Tenured (?) wingnut professor on crack

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I normally wouldn't waste my time on the crap that emits from the keyboard of Professor Mike S. Adams over at Clown Hall, but this classless loose cannon of homobigotry is stationed in my state; he teaches criminology at the University of North Carolina - Wilmington. In a screed entitled "Fat Lesbians on Crack," he shares his wisdom -- comparing lesbianism with alcoholism:

Imagine for a moment that we were to forbid a counselor from expressing her objection to overeating, despite proven health risks, simply because the obese individual likes to eat and claims some genetic predisposition to obesity.

Or imagine for a moment that we were to forbid a counselor from expressing her objection to over-drinking, despite proven health risks, simply because the drunken individual likes to drink and claims some genetic predisposition to alcoholism. (Or, worse, imagine she likes crack!).

But you don't have to imagine forbidding a counselor from expressing her objection to homosexuality, despite proven health risks, simply because the gay individual likes homosexuality and claims some genetic predisposition to gayness.

Jesse over at Pandagon has the smackdown:

You see, a counselor refused to counsel a woman on her lesbian relationship because she believed that homosexuality was immoral. Ergo, alcoholics would be protected from the discrimination of being told that their drinking is bad for them because of The Gay. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi singlehandedly destroyed Alcoholics De Anonymous, don'tcha know?

What would happen if a gay therapist refused to treat a conservative Christian, or if Rod Parsley somehow found himself waiting in an ER while they tried to find a doctor who didn't mind treating a massive jackass? Wait a second - it's hard to hear your answer over the caterwauling.

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Brynn Craffey Brynn Craffey | August 21, 2008 11:37 AM

Remind me, just how does lesbianism constitute a health risk?

Last I heard, lesbians were at less risk than straight women for every sexually communicable disease. With fewer pregnancies per capita, you can decrease the many risks associated with childbearing. True, there are stresses and health risks related to being a member of a persecuted minority, but they could be lessened by legislating for equality and against discrimination at the hands of idiots like Adams and his ilk.

By Adams' logic, we should actually be protecting women from heterosexual relationships.

makes me rather proud that I attended Duke as opposed to UNC.....

I may just be gay, but after reading that reasoning, I want a drink. And I don't usually drink.


The primary health risk that comes from being a lesbian is the stress of being confronted with people like this man.

Seriously, when's the next article we're going to read from a fundie asking women to become lesbians to avoid STD's as they do gay men? It's the logical extension of their argument.

It would create another point of congruence between fundamentalism and Sheila Jeffreys, at least.

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