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The Divide?

Filed By Sara Whitman | August 06, 2008 4:00 PM | comments

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The more I sit still, the more I wonder...

Why do I need to move, groove, and change the world? Is it possible? What do I believe?

I finished Matt Taibbi's "The Great Derangement" and I'm left wondering what is the most effective way to create change. Our current government is corrupt- and has been for a long time. The Republicans screw the Democrats and the Democrats screw the Repulicnas all in the name of special interests and power.

Getting the best offices on Capitol Hill.

Our two party system is a joke. As Taibbi points out, it's just one money grabbing group or the other in charge of a big ol' checkbook we all pay for.

Nothing is that different in policies. Democrats are not always good guys, and Republicans not always bad guys, and the truth is, we are all pretty much in the middle.

And we'd rather think that there is a vast conspiracy created by right to end our way of life- all that personal liberty, justice and fairness. As the right think the same thing.

What if, as Taibbi suggests at the end of the book, we're really not all that different? We're really in the same boat, with the same general needs- life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, say. What if we focused on cleaning up the corruption instead of voting with our passions? Or what ends up being cooked up as us vs. them?

It would make for very boring television, that's for sure.

Are we really a bunch of stupid ass sheep that sit in front of our televisions waiting for the next piece of news? And I include myself in that- maybe I don't watch TV but I certainly take in my fair share of mainstream media on a daily basis.

When I'm far away from it, I wonder... is the wedge in our country, left vs. right, real or created for prime time entertainment?

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Average Americans are a bunch of stupid, brainwashed, TV-indoctrinated sheep, Sara.

And now I want to read that book. You'd probably enjoy former Contributor Sheila Kennedy's book too.