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Politico has a pretty amusing article on how no one wants to attend the Republican National Funeral Convention in Minneapolis. Some of it has to do with individual politicians not wanting to be associated with the national Republican brand, but much of just how to do with the fact that Minneapolis is in, well, fly-over country:

n 2004, D.C.-based conventioneers could zip in and out of New York City by train. The 2000 convention in Philadelphia was an even shorter ride.

St. Paul, by contrast, requires a flight halfway across the country from Washington -- and, of course, the maddening hassle of air travel. The convention dates aren't great either because opening day falls on Labor Day, which for parents marks the beginning of the school year.

That's asking a lot of attendees, some of whom question whether, as a destination, the Twin Cities will be worth the aggravation.

"I would definitely say that people aren't as excited about going to Minneapolis as they were about going to New York City," said Matthew Keelen, president of the Keelen Group, a D.C.-based lobbying firm. "Minneapolis is a nice city, but it doesn't quite have the environment and reputation of a New York City, and I think 2004 was a unique convention and a lot of it had to do with where it was," he said.

Minneapolis isn't a happening place? Really? I'm going to hazard a guess that, at the very least, the bathrooms at Minneapolis International are going to be quite a hot-spot.

Meanwhile, everyone wants to go to the Democratic National Convention in Denver, including our very own Bil, Jerame, and Marti. Don't forget they need our help. Plus, maybe Bil can tell us if the Denver International bathrooms are as good a place to pick up Republicans as the Minneapolis International bathrooms.

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I lived in Minneapolis for a short time. I loved it there and hope to move back someday. It is sometimes called "the San Francisco of the North", which probably explains why Republicans aren't so excited about going there since they attack so-called "San Francisco values" so often.

Agreed, Chad. I have to admit thinking, "Minneapolis? RNC?"

But what the hell, if they're having to give away tickets, I'd be willing to go and cover it for the blog. :) Maybe they'll be so desperate for press coverage, they'll give us room and board and we won't have to ask readers to contribute! LOL

Thanks for the plug for the DNCC fund, Tyrion. We raised over $1100 yesterday alone.