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The Politics of Fear- Subtle Racism is still Racism

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I remember the uproar that occurred over the Scott Howell attack ad against Harold Ford Jr., the former black Congressman from Tennessee. The slimy video featured a somewhat ditzy-sounding blonde telling the then-candidate Ford to "call me," which sent a clear racist signal in the South- "be afraid, the black man is coming after the white women." It was splashed all over the news and universally condemned.

I wonder if there will be same uproar over McCain's new, disgusting "celebrity" attack ad against Obama, where white women are seen saying how "dreamy" Obama is. Of course there is a subtle racial overtone there- the same one that was at play in the Howell ad.

The big difference? The media is in love with McCain and his new line of attack. They have been taking the Republican smear campaign hook line and sinker- refusing to see the subtle subtext in these ads or call the campaign on them.

Watch the McCain and Howell Video after the jump...

McCain's "Dreamy" Ad:

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Howell's "Call Me" Ad:

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I remember how everyone came out against the Howell ad, saying it was disgusting and played the race card. Yet McCain has been getting a free pass on all of his ads and language. I fail to see the difference in the Howell ad and this new one. The Republican's know full well what they are doing with these images- stoking the fires of racism and further dividing the nation.

The media has even failed to call out the McCain campaign on their new buzz word for Obama- "presumptuous." Every Republican shill is trotting out the word, with the media happily reporting and repeating it, with no mention what it truly expresses. As Michelangelo Signorile has been saying on his radio show- presumptuous is the new code word for "uppity." Obama is stepping out of his "place", according to the Republicans. It sends a clear racist signal and they know it.

We all know the Republicans always run on fear- fear of terrorists, immigrants, gays, or anything else they can grab their nasty little hands on. They have trotted out marriage amendments to stoke anti-gay hatred, used trans-scare around the country, boosted "terror-alert levels" close to elections, and now try to inflame the racial divide as well.

It is time everyone started to call them on their bile, including the media. The Republicans, led by McCain, have shown they will do anything to keep power- including divide and destroy our country.

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The only reason the 'celebrity' ad got called on was because Kathy Hilton, one of McSame's donors objected to the use of her daughter Paris in it.

But the point is still valid and it's why we African-Americans go off sometimes on what seems to be insignificant stuff to some White Americans.

Racism, whether it's overt or covert, is still racism.

Wilson46201 | August 12, 2008 4:40 PM

...and yet allegedly-gay Republican petty bigot and smalltown gossip Gary Welsh repeatedly spreads the rumors about how Barack Obama is on the "down low" and having sex with men!

Can't the GOP keep their smears straight?

You mean the constant repetition of the Larry Sinclair crap?

Bill Perdue Bill Perdue | August 12, 2008 6:36 PM

McCain is travelling the same Dixiecrat road most recently used by Bill and Hillary Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro.

McCain’s racism is deliberate and will probably become a lot less subtle when they choose their new Willie Horton issue. And it has a chance to work. In national polls if they pose the question as "Do you think race will play a role in YOUR choice" the defense shields go up and only roughly 5% answer yes. If the question is "Do your friends think race will play a role in THEIR choice" the shields go down and the percentage rises to 15%.

The impact of racism on the campaign remains to be seen, but it won't be insignificant.

With Democrats like these who needs Republicans.