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The Wrap (With Two Gay Guys) #2

Filed By Brent Hartinger | August 13, 2008 10:00 AM | comments

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Vampires suck as a gay metaphor! Or so say the Two Gay Guys in this week's installment of The Wrap.

The guys spread some love for Mamma Mia and the criminally underappreciated Christine Baranski, debate Weeds' big gay reveal of two weeks ago, and Michael shares an anecdote about his recent TCA meet up with actor Justin Kirk.

Check all this and more out, after the break!

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I love these videos as well.

I vote for the Christine Baranski interview and I'm under 40 (barely). ;) I'm surprised that more people didn't pay attention to the Susan Sarandon interview as well. She's an icon (and not just a queer one).

Yeah, I'm not sure what happened with the Susan Sarandan thing. But we're doing Christine (if she'll talk with us), and I have high hopes!

My fiance and I liked Wall-e better than you guys did, but we did think the heteronormative robot romance was really forced, silly and undermined the anti-establishment theme that ran throughout the film.

Go see Dark Knight if you haven't by now. There isn't one gay moment in the entire film (unless you count Christian Bale's armpits). It is extremely well written - for once a superhero movie that says more about the world we live in than it does about the superhero.

Saw it last week, liked it a lot. Christian Bale's Batman voice annoyed me, but it was good.

That said, I'm STILL sick of superhero movies...