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The Wrap (With Two Gay Guys): Did George Lucas Have a Brain Aneurysm?

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This week, we take on homophobia in the new animated Star Wars movie and the U.K. series Skins, and we also review Another Gay Sequel. (Warning: we're in sort of a cranky mood!) It's all after the jump!

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Absolutely fantastic commentary, from start to finish.

Reactions to each of the three subjects:

1. I strongly hope George Lucas himself views your commentary. Maybe the animated series can yet change that character or characterization. I agree that sometimes "cool" straight guys will do, or consent to, or not edit, homophobic things without being conscious of what they are doing or failing to do. We have to speak up, as you've done. I thank you for that. I hope you will personally attempt to contact George Lucas about this commentary. I wonder also if GLAAD has made a statement on that movie.

2. Brent, I haven't seen "Skins," nor now will I bother, but I can picture exactly the kinds of things you are talking about. This may risk my, as well, sounding like a cranky stick in the mud, but morality and moral behavior matter. And, sadly, movies and TV do influence people, their choices, and their character, and the culture at large, including how we treat each other. Celebrating jerks and bad behavior, and holding these people up for emulation, is horrible. I was appalled, for example, at the U.S. (if not British also) "Queer at Folk" having Brian -- who had admirable qualities of high professional skill and extraordinary self-assurance -- SMOKING CIGARETTES. Jeezus. Do you they want young gay people to die? Was it at all necessary for Brian to smoke? That Brian smoking thing just nauseates me. As you say: Irresponsible. ("Queer as Folk" also had generally low-quality writing, but that's another story.)

3. And speaking of, I will not be seeing, renting, or financially supporting "Another Gay Sequel" in any way. The thoughtlessness you describe is amazing to me. It sounds like the bathhouse zombie scene was almost a reference to the scene at the end of "Longtime Companion" where all the people who had died from AIDS came back to party on Fire Island -- but ignoring the facts of real-life risk, real-life AIDS, and real-life loss. Oh my f*cking god. Sex with 40 guys in a bathhouse....I am honestly shocked to hear your description. Was this movie scripted by Peter LaBarbera, or someone else wanting us dead? The thoughtlessness is mindblowing.

If I may, this is most irresponsible "gay movie" I've heard of since "Hellbent," a "gay horror movie," where someone targets gay men in West Hollywood for vicious murders. As if gay men weren't targeted for vicious murders in real life. As if Trev Broudy weren't gorily bashed and nearly murdered in West Hollywood in real life. The creators of this entertainment should also become familiar with an organization called Parents of Murdered Children and Other Survivors of Homicide, and their Murder is Not Entertainment (MINE) program.

Relatedly, yes, Brent, if crankiness is called for crankiness should be the reaction. It's a matter of being emotionally intelligent and emotionally healthy. Let's stop looking the other way, pasting on a fake smile, and pretending irresponsible and antisocial entertainment isn't irresponsible or antisocial.

As someone (William James?) said, "Mental health is a commitment to reality at all costs." It is, I believe, insane not to object to this stuff. I say it actually holds back our culture. And we should be particularly concerned about material that is aimed at children and young people.

So, keep up the great work, gentlemen. (And a pointed, multiply-copied email to George Lucas, and maybe also the creators of "Skins" and "Another Gay Sequel," linking them to your commentary, might be the tomato juice for the skunk spray. If "The Partridge Family" educated me correctly. ;) )

Thanks Dan! We really appreciate that. Hopefully Lucas really WILL see this...