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Things I will do in San Francisco some day -- A running list

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Hanging out with Lauren last night, wandering through the foggy South of Market streets in search of a dance club that wasn't 20 goddamn dollars (why so spensivo, Bondage-a-go-go?!), we got on to the topic of things we like to do in San Francisco and things we've never done in SF that we're still meaning to do.

"What if you had to leave?" Lauren asked me. "What if you got some amazing fellowship to go somewhere else, or grad school whisked you away to a far-away land like... uh, Santa Cruz?"

I laughed.

"No, really, is there anything you want to do here that you haven't done yet?"

I realized that even though I grew up in San Francisco, have lived here most of my adult life, and have certainly had my share of San Francisco Adventures, there's still some stuff on my list.

To do, someday:

  • Bike across the Golden Gate Bridge. I ride my little pink bike around to get to work and readings and whatnot, but I definitely don't do enough riding just for the sheer joy of it. And as cheezy as it is, the Golden Gate is pretty, and breathing in ocean air while you bike is a fantastic feeling.

  • Have sex on or around Folsom Street, preferably in the one of the little alleyways named after the Gold Rush madams. I've had a fair amount of public sex in San Francisco, but none of it has happened South of Market. This seems like something I should remedy, given the neighborhoods' deeply queer sexual history.

  • Actually go to a service at Most Holy Redeemer. This is the Catholic church in the Castro with a majority of queer members. It's not a specifically LGBT church, but it might as well be from everything I've heard. Dude, why have I not gone to Gay Mass yet?

  • Only kinda relatedly: Go to Sisters Bingo. The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence -- the group of activist drag nuns who work their asses off for exceedingly good causes -- host a bingo game on a semi-regular basis. Dude, why have I not gone to Drag Nun Bingo?

I'm sure there's more, but that's my list for now. What's yours, for your town? Anything specific to your home that you've been meaning to do, but haven't yet?

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Speaking as someone who recently left San Francisco... do those things now. When it's time to go, things often happen in such a whirlwind of activity that you don't have time for the list.

Also, be sure to appreciate all the naked people at street festivals. Aside from indoor events in Las Vegas or Burning Man events, I've never seen public nudity quite like it. Plus it's so cold in SF, they deserve respect just for that.

Gotta stop at Bob's Doughnuts on Polk late at night -- I stop by after my shows -- still-warm freshly-made donuts... MMMMM...

Visit San Francisco is high on my list. Gay Mecca.