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I'm sitting here in the hotel room in Denver with CNN turned on. I've now heard from several sources that Indiana Senator Evan Bayh got the phone call today to let him know he wasn't Obama's choice for VP. CNN is reporting that Virginia governor Tim Kaine was also notified that it wasn't him. My sources confirmed that Bayh, at least, got the "So sorry" call.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, is getting a visit from the Obama campaign plan and a Secret Service detail. The Obama campaign says they'll announce it tomorrow morning around 10am EST, but it's looking like the cat is already of out of the bag.

I'm excited to be here and good Lord am I tired. It was so odd getting on a plane and arriving 10 minutes after we left after the time change! We've had dinner and a quick walk around the area, so after this I'm off to bed. Jerame's committee meeting is bright and early tomorrow morning.

Since we're here in our hotel room, I thought I would also put out a big Thank you! to all of the generous individuals who donated to our "Send Bil, Jerame and Marti to Denver" fundraiser. By the time I stepped off of the plane, we had finished raising our $3,000. Projectors will have paid for our hotel room and transportation costs. A complete list of contributors is after the jump.

Our generous donors

  • Janet I. - Virginia
  • Nina S. - Newport Beach, CA
  • Nimbus Agency - San Francisco, CA
  • Gabriel S. - Laguna Beach, CA
  • Don S. - Indianapolis, IN
  • Justin Y. - Muncie, IN
  • Arthur F. - Columbus, IN
  • Sarah P. - Indianapolis, IN
  • WIldcat Press - Beverly Hills, CA
  • Carolyn W. - Bloomington, IN
  • Jessica B. - Centennial, CO
  • Dana R. - Hopewell Junction, NJ
  • Cindy R. - New York, NY
  • Kim P. - Lake Havasu, AZ
  • Kendall C. - Cedar Park, TX
  • Noland T. - Graham, NC
  • Aida A. - Oakton, VA
  • Brent H. - Tacoma, WA
  • Chuck R. - Columbia, TN
  • Brian W. - Columbus, IN
  • Gregory L. - Elmhurst, IL
  • Jeremiah K. - San Francisco, CA
  • Paul Y. - Washington, DC
  • Judith E. - Poland, IN
  • Richard J. - Los Angeles, CA
  • Sara W. - Auburndale, MA
  • Dale M. - Marion, IA
  • Janis W. - Sherwood, AZ
  • Annette G. - Carmel, IN
  • David W. - Indianapolis, IN
  • Anthony C. - Louisville, KY
  • Wilson A. - Indianapolis, IN
  • Richard P. - Chicago, IL
  • Brynn C. - Del Mar, CA
  • Mark S. - Jarreau, LA
  • Roger T. - Dallas, TX
  • Jason B. - Pottstown, PA
  • Karen O. - West Hollywood, CA
  • Lalita A. - Indianapolis, IN

If I missed anyone, please accept my apologies. Leave a comment and I'll be sure to add you to the list. Look for your thank you notes when we get back from Denver!

Wish me luck. It's time to crash for the night. The Rules Committee meets early tomorrow morning...

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" after this I'm off to bed."

Liar, liar;
Pants on fire!! ;-)

Actually, you were right Rory. We ended up having to change rooms when a RAT came under the door and did a polka in the middle of the room. *sigh*

A RAT? Jesus Christ - where are you staying? Motel 1.3? (that was for Moira, BTW) Well, nothing says "welcome to Denver" like a dancing rat! Geeze.

I'm glad you made it out here safely! Any chance of a TBP get together in Denver while you're out here? :)

We're trying to put something together with the other bloggers who'll be here. But have you seen the schedule for events?

Since you're a local, if you'd like to take charge of setting something up shoot me an e-mail with a couple dates and I'll shop them around quickly.

I’ve read somewhere that you attend church services regularly or at least you're involved in some way with a religious community, and your presence on tbp feels much to me like a den mother (or is it Mr. Rogers?) concerned with and doting on the feelings of the project's bloggers, but use of an expression like "good Lord" makes me wonder if your religious beliefs are more key in the project's endeavors than one might suspect.

Are you on some sort of religious mission that we don't know about, a seminary graduate, perhaps, or just a midwestern hick (like me) with deep religious convictions (ditto) that should be made a little more explicit before getting so deeply ensconced with participation in and reportage of the presidential political process to the world-at-large LGBT community? Inquiring minds want to know about their reporters' private lives, you know.

By the way, given Obama’s rather bland choice for a running mate, it wouldn’t surprise me if republicans best the democrats with a much more cutting edge choice. Perhaps they’ll choose a woman of color to throw some good bellicose attitude in all our faces. Imagine how media and other pundits would compare her to “Shrillary’s” relatively benign displays of emotion. How would that be for a good little reality check?

"Den mother" LMAO Can I use that in official blog materials? :)

Deep religious convictions? I don't know about that. Midwestern hick? Definitely. *grins*

Annette Gross | August 23, 2008 8:47 AM

Hope you all have a great time!!!! This is one for posterity!

go get 'em bil!

I'm a little jealous but a day at the beach will cure that.

welcome to Denver, kids! Should be an exciting few days. I saw this a.m. That Joe Salomese (sp?) is going to be on a panel about how the bad guys are using wedge politics. Given the whole trans-folk-excluded-from-
ENDA thing, he should know...

I smell a rat.......are y'all staying next to a Cracker Barrel, perchance?

Have fun blogging this historic convention. Wish I could be there with you.

You'll have fun. I loved the convention in 2004. You make so many contacts there.