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Westboro Baptist Church caught fire this weekend

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No one was hurt, so we can joke around:

A fence and garage at Fred Phelps' Westboro Baptist Church became engulfed in flames early Saturday, according to the Topeka Capitol-Journal Web site. The fire did not spread to the church building.

Topeka Fire Marshal Greg Bailey said the cause of the fire has not been determined. However, a spokeswoman for the church, Shirley Phelps-Roper, said she believes it was deliberately set.

I think it was deliberately set too... by God!!!

Obviously, this is a sign that God hates the Westboro Baptist Church. The best thing they can do right now is get on their knees and pray for forgiveness for everything they've done. Hell, they should have been doing that before, but apparently they weren't praying hard enough.

More, with video, after the jump.

Fred Phelps has already taken to YouTube:

iPhone users: Click to watch

Seriously, Fred Phelps is saying that he was hate crimed. Mm-hmm. This guy's existence is a hate crime.

A neighbor thinks it was an attempt to scare her out:

Leona McQueen's is 91 years old. Her garage is about 30 feet away from the site of the fire. McQueen says she has been butting heads with church members for decades. She says the fire may have be an elaborate attempt to scare her into selling her house.

McQueen said, "They keep claiming that this property is theirs, and it is not theirs. They keep wanting to buy me, but I don't want to sell it. I don't know if whether they are trying to push me out. I don't know."

Westboro Baptist Church Member Shirley Phelps-Roper said, "It's a ridiculous accusation. The fire was started by someone as we slept. Thankfully the lord our god keeps us in all our ways. The noise that they made the fire was so big and voluminous the popping and cracking woke people up."

I doubt that, but it's interesting that everyone is assuming arson. That at least hasn't been reported in the press if investigators are thinking along those lines.

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I guess they must have said that "God hates our garage" and that it will burn in Hell. Could this be an indication that they are actually living in Hell on earth?

Who brought the marshmellows? Anyone have any scary stories to go with the marshmellows? Smores?


well, we already knew that Gawd Hates Shrimp, so this isn't too unexpected. and, you theologically challenged blasphemers, can't you see? Gawd was punishing them for mixing motor oil with gasoline, like heathens! in the book of Exxon, the profit "cheney" states, "the Holy People shall shun the infidel, and no two-cycle engine keep unto their tent."

chicago dyke,
You mean like a "weed wacker?" (grin) I can easily seeing the entire "congegation" wacking their "weeds" as often as possible. Isn't that a sin, too?

Paul 15, 20-25 - Those who sow weeds will be forced to wack them often. Beware that the wacking of the weeds shall be looked upon by God as an abomination and the wacker will burn in Hell for eternity. Amen

I thought sow.

I've seen the so-called "church" - it is a house with a tacked on addition, not a church, on a corner lot in a residential neighborhood.

Who knows what caused the fire. Probably jacklegged wiring. Wouldn't put it past the Phelpses to do their own jackleg wiring to save money. Arson is possible, as the Phelpses are always battling with local government over taxes - their religious exemption has been in question for years.

I don't know about the weed wacking, but maybe this adds new meaning to the term "Kansas Chainsaw Massacre?" Or maybe it was the lighter fluid they use to start the grill they cook their steaks and blasphemers over?

Chicago Dyke gets my nomination for best comment on this thread. :)

Insurance fraud to raise capitol comes to my mind.Or the garage and fence were in disrepair and since their so tired from all that protesting they decided to burn it instead of tearing it down.On the plus side for them they get publicity and get to blame someone else.Now for my Christian disclaimer The lord sayeth thou shalt not judge all remarks weren't meant as judgement but merely speculating as to the cause of the garage burning.May it rest in pieces