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iPhone users: Click to watch

My initial impression is, "Wow!"

Btw, Italy is a country whose passports and official ID's do not list gender. Not to say this necessarily means they're more evolved when it comes to (trans)gender equality.

But it is interesting in light of this ad.

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This ad, titled "The Secret", was released in 2005 and won an Epica Awards. It certainly isn't the first time that Gruppo Campari has targeted the LGBT community and there are plenty of examples of ads they have made for their various brands including Skyy Vodka.

It is a fantastic ad and judging by the reactions of the straight people I have shown it to in the last couple of years, it has a much broader appeal than just the LGBT market.

My initial response to it is mixed feelings as I see it as really about a guy and a girl in the end.Yes the roles are reversed but I also wonder if it doesn't also imply a negative message to the trans community as well especially ts women and men.The negative message I see is that even if you are visibly seen as male or female once you remove the window dressing you are as you were born not as in your heart.Another negative way to view it is that it could be seen as implying that masculine women and effeminate men should pair thus no need to be gay.