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Who's Looking Forward to This Year's Southern Comfort?

Filed By Serena Freewomyn | August 24, 2008 1:30 PM | comments

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I know that October is still over a month away, but I am so excited to be going to the Southern Comfort Conference in Atlanta! With this year's cruise theme, I'm thinking I might need to do a little shopping for cruise wear! I do love anything that has to do with boats and sailors. Ahoy, matey! My partner and I just booked our plane reservations and conference registration last night. All we need to do now is book our hotel and we're Atlanta bound.

With over 100 panels and workshops to choose from, it's going to be difficult to narrow down the options on which sessions we'll attend. Plus, there are so many social events planned - wine tasting, drag shows, and a casino night? Yeah, baby! I'm really looking forward to viewing the new documentary "Still Black: A Portrait of Black Transmen." It sounds really interesting.

Anyway, if any of our other contributors or readers will be attending SoCo, we should coordinate a Bilerico get together. Leave a message in the comments section and we'll get the ball rolling.

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I live in Atlanta and Southern Comfort has improved dramatically since I first attended in 2000. However, this will be the first time I will miss it. My oldest son is getting married on that weekend is southern California.

Amazing. Straight people actually get married in California. Who would have thunk it? I guess it takes all kinds. My son is straight and I tell him we all have our crosses to bear.

Congrats upon the occasion of your son's wedding, Monica, from Therese(yes, she forgave me for taking the position) and myself.

Our very best to the couple......

JenniferLewer | August 24, 2008 3:05 PM

I will be attending my 5th SCC this year. I am looking forward to another exciting conference. See you there in October.

Monica, congrats on your son's wedding. Did you pick your dress yet? And will you be his dance partner?

Jennifer, sweetness.

I do have the dress, a black, long gown that is backless. But, dancing? I would feel real uncomfortable asking my future daughter-in-law to slow dance, and REAL uncomfortable dancing with my son. Neither would even consider it, nor will I. However, one of my son's friends is a gay man. I can slow dance with him.

Serena, I'm not going to Southern Comfort, but thank you for mentioning the documentary [i]Still Black: A Portrait of Black Transmen[/i]. This looks to be an amazing film. Since there is little chance of it coming to Iowa, I guess I have DVD purchase in my future. :)

Welcome to SCC.

At the Planning meeting yesterday it was announced that all the block of roomd for the conference in the hotel are now taken. There is another hotel that has agreed to give the same rate as the conference hotel about 1/4 mile away. If you go to the Southern Comfort conference web page or the Southern Comfort Conference yahoo group, someone should be able to point you to the overflow hotel.

I will be there the entire week as I live in the area. It will be difficult to find a day and time to have a Bilerico get together. I would suggest maybe an informal reception at the Chip Shot, similar to what is being done Monday evening to kick off SCC.

And don't forget the Job Expo (not a job fair) to aquaint the trans community with companies that are accepting and supportive of out transgender employees.

And for those that are planning on attending but have not yet purchased conference tickets, prices go up Sept. 1 and again Sept 10.

I will be there, at least so far, to represent This Is HOW, the halfway house for transfolk of which I am now the assistant Director.

I'd *love* to do a gathering. I will be outside the convention proper, as I will, um, also be meeting the complications of my life.

Transportation is still being arranged, but things appear to be a go.

Damn. I would have really liked to have met you. Maybe IFGE in DC of next year at SCC.

I'll be attending my eighth SCC this year. It's one of the things I look forward to, though being the person who moderates the SCC Yahoo group (SCCLounge) I suppose I am biased...

If you do have a get together I'd certainly like to attend.

Zelda Rose

I'm about 50-50 in terms of whether I'll be at SCC. What may make me actually do the six hour drive from Da Ville to the ATL is that there's a large group of African-American transpeople planning to show up for SCC this year, so I'm seriously thinking about it.

I hope you decide to make the trek!

I wish I could go, but I work Saturdays/Sundays, and haven't been in job long enough to take off yet, plus Susan is speaking for my first vacation, when eligible. I've been to 6 SCCs, and it is, quite literally, where the T community meets each year (along with IFGE in spring) to have fun, party, network, teach, and learn. Highly recommended.

Serena, and all others going, have fun.

Monica H, I wish the best to your son and his bride.

Polar, what a bummer. Hopefully we'll be able to see you there next year?