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Join Bilerico Contributors and Send Ashwin Madia to Congress

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There has been much discussion here on Bilerico about the importance of the November elections to the LGBT community and the country at large. Much of that discussion has focused on the presidential race because the differences between Barack Obama and John McCain are so stark. But, it is also critical that we increase the number of pro-LGBT Democrats in Congress to ensure that legislation protecting our civil rights reaches the president's desk.

That's why a number of Bilerico contributors including Bil Browning, Lane Hudson and myself along with guest contributor Stuart Rosenberg are serving on the host committee for a Washington, DC fundraiser for Ashwin Madia. Ashwin is one of the Democratic Party's best chances for taking over a previously-GOP seat this election cycle. He is strongly pro-marriage, pro-inclusive ENDA and is close to his openly-gay brother. As a Marine JAG, Madia defended a gay servicemember facing discharge under "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and he is passionate about overturning DADT.

If you do not live in DC, or are unable to attend the fundraiser, click to contribute to Ashwin Madia's campaign.

Details for the event are after the jump.

Please join

Phil Attey
Bil Browning
Michael Crawford
Sharon Groves
Jon Hoadley
Lane Hudson
John Isa
John Marble
Chris Massicotte
Ryan McGinness
Mike Mings
Nishith Pandya
Robert Raben
Skip Roberts
Stuart Rosenberg
Peter Rosenstein
Tom Skancke

For a reception benefiting Ashwin Madia, Democrat for Congress, MN-03

Thursday, September 25th 8pm - 10pm

Urbana at the Palomar Hotel
2121 P St NW
Washington, DC

Suggested Contribution Levels:
$1000 ~ $500 ~ $250 ~ $100 ~ $50
TRACK YOUR LGBT & ALLIED Donation by Giving Through:
The page: http://www.actblue.com/page/dcmadia

Please RSVP to Krista Haagenstad at [email protected] or (763) 544-3813

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Cute pictures of him on the floor with kids. Is he gay? Does he have any opinion on gay rights issues, especially gay marriage and DADT. Why does he not address these issues in his YouTube presentation.
Charles Merrill


Ashwin is straight as far as I know. Michael gave a run down of his stances on LGBT issues. He's in favor of same-sex marriage (not just civil unions), in favor of an inclusive ENDA, wants to repeal DADT and supports an inclusive hate crimes legislation.

He is definitely a candidate worth investing in. Several of the pundits have claimed the race is the Dems best chance to pick off a GOP Congressman.

I wouldn't put my name on the line otherwise. :)


Ashwin is an eQualityGiving Endorsed Candidate (see www.eQualityGiving.org/Endorsed-Candidates) and as such he is totally pro-equality for our community.

We interviewed him, like we do with all the candidates we endorse, and he is great.

He will be a great member of Congress.

Juan and Ken

Juan, Ken and Bill
I wish your candididate the best of luck but I have a policy that if the candidate is not out on LGBT issues then I will not support him/her.
Jared Polis is the template I judge other candidates by. If the candidate is LGBT then all the better, but whether win or lose as in Jim Neal, gay candidate visibility helps our cause. I know how difficult it was for me to come out, so I respect that courage in others or at least a nodding interst to LGBT rights in their campaign and on their campaign webpage. When I lived in North Carolina a state similar to Ohio, I supported Harvey Gantt against Jesse Helms, and after giving the money was told by his campaign to keep quiet about gay issues because Jesse Helms would use it against him. I vowed then and there if a candidate is not out publically for our struggle then they don't get a donation from me.
I hope you can understand this.

Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | September 20, 2008 2:14 PM


Ashwin has spoken publicly about his support for marriage equality and his support for the repeal of DADT. He has an openly gay brother who he is very close to. He has also written a guest post for Bilerico about successfully defending a gay Marine who was facing discrimination while in the military.

He has been endorsed by eQualityGiving.org, Human Rights Campaign and Minnesota's Stonewall Democrats.

He doesn't have to be gay in order to support LGBT civil rights.

No, he doesn't have to be gay to support LGBT civil rights but it helps when a lawmaker is, as they have more empathy for equal rights struggles. I only donate to gay candidates coming from their own core of oppression, and experience has told me that once gay friendly straights are elected they can be wishy washy in Congress. He is shown with the kids which is a red flag. I am thinking, another politician showing heterosexual family values for votes, holding up babies. Michelle Obama had her daughters by her side everywhere at the Democratic Convention, but when time to speak in from of the LGBT caucus, the kids mysteriously were not with her.