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Carson piles on

Filed By Bil Browning | September 25, 2008 6:00 PM | comments

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John McCain has been taking a beating over the past 24 hours. Democrats, Republicans and independents all consider his recent campaign 'suspension" nothing more than a cheap political ploy. Now Congressman Andre Carson, has joined the chorus of politicians and private citizens expressing frustration with the posturing Senator.

"Senator John McCain's disingenuous act of forcibly inserting himself into the financial rescue package negotiations is futile, unsolicited and politically self-serving. Through his own self-admission and pro-deregulation policies, John McCain has shown that he has neither the economic knowhow nor the fiscal intellect to progressively move our nation's economic agenda forward.

"Just last week Senator McCain erroneously claimed that our economy was strong and robust. He was also a proponent of the same deregulation policies that have destabilized our markets and damaged our housing industry. Such misplaced beliefs and inaccurate ideologies are out of touch and unwelcomed.

"Senator McCain should participate in Friday's debate and openly share his economic ideologies with the American people instead of concealing them in closed negotiations."


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Andre Caron it seems was a member of the Canadian House of Commons, which fittingly is probably not too disimilar to our Indiana congressman, but alas not Andre Carson. Effing typos, the bain of all us bloggers lol.


Fixed, Redhawk. Welcome to the blogroll, btw. :)