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Color me underwhelmed

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Matthew Shepard was honored at a University of Wyoming ceremony over the weekend. As the 10th anniversary of Matthew's killing approaches, the generous university wanted to show America how seriously it takes the LGBT community by...

...erecting a park bench outside of the arts and science building. The Matthew Shepard Foundation paid for a plaque on the bench that reads, "Matthew Wayne Shepard Dec. 1, 1976-Oct. 12, 1998. Beloved son, brother, and friend. He continues to make a difference. Peace be with him and all who sit here."

Wow. A park bench. And the Foundation had to pay for the plaque too? While they consider it "honoring" a slain student, I've seen more effort go into picking up a Pepperidge Farms gift basket from the mall for a relative no one liked.

Pitiful. He deserves more.

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I suppose a bench is better than nothing. But if we want a real monument we'll probably end up paying for it ourselves, which is not such a bad idea.

In any case nothing is just what we got from Democrats, with the gleeful backing of Republicans, when they jointly commemorated the event last year. In December of 2007 they callously tossed the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes bill in the garbage without consulting LGBT groups. They did it so no one would think they're GLBT friendly. They’ll be courting the bigot vote until the polls open on Election Day. That’s why they gutted ENDA and refused to repeal Clinton's DADT and DOMA.

The leaders and owners of the Democratic (sic) Party are our enemy just as much as the Republicans. Instead of wasting you vote on Obama or McCain vote for the union led and funded Labor Party or for socialist or communist candidates as a protest. Or if you’re tired of voting for the lesser bigot, the lesser warmonger or the best friend of Wall Street’s bailout and you want to build the movement instead that’s fine too.

Except in California, Arizona and Florida. There one of our national priorities is mobilizing to defeat the bigot sponsored anti-LGBT same sex marriage initiatives.

That's so evil!
They are treating his memorial like any of us!

wait...actually, he gets one.

And the media attention for over a decade.
And a Congressional act that bore his name.
And the Laramie Project.
And tons of positive press, even 10 years later.
And he is immortalized as the face of LGBToken hate violence.

Now. looking at trans women...all we seem to come up with is exclusion form protections by gay guys that think marriage is more important than keeping three more trans women out of body bags per month.

My heart bleeds for you. really.

And, I know some trans women who would be damn grateful for that Pepperidge Farm basket.

You have my email...I'll give you my postal addy, and I'll take the damn food.