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Curt Smith: Theocracy needed STAT!

Filed By Bil Browning | September 30, 2008 11:30 AM | comments

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Oh, Indiana wingnuts. Will you ever stop providing so many examples of exactly why your mix of religious extremism and political power are so dangerous?

This morning's e-mail brought a fundraising pitch by the Indiana Family Institute's Curt Smith. He's asking the sheeple to pony up some cash for IFI's Republican-slanted voter guide. While most of it is your standard "If you give $50, we can print a bazillion copies for little old church ladies and sin obsessed middle-aged men!" appeal, one paragraph stands out amongst others...

This election is too important for us to cut back on the strategy we planned. It will determine the future of marriage in Indiana. It will determine if our state house is run by elected officials who share the same values you and I share OR by anti-family politicians beholden to radical left-wing special interests and committed to forcing their secular worldview on all Hoosiers - in our schools, churches, and communities.

Let's see if we can't break this down, shall we? We'll replace the standard religious nutjob code words with plain English:

"It looks like Republicans are going to lose this election. If Democrats win, your marriage will fail! This election will determine whether our state house is run by elected officials who believe in equality for all OR by homo-sex obsessed politicians beholden to radical right wing nutjobs (like me!) and committed to forcing their religious worldview on all Hoosiers by promoting fundamentalist Christianity in our schools, laws and communities. Did I mention 'teh gays' will steal your children if Democrats are elected?"

Hell, the only thing missing is a call for spiritual warfare. Maybe after the election is over, Sarah Palin can join Sue Swayze for a good old fashioned book burning barn storming tour. Palin's busy with Joel's Army and debate prep right now, but I'm sure she'll have plenty of time after the election.

Hopefully, so will Curt.

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